Samsung’s Smart Watch Can Have Chip with Two Cores

With Android, Galaxy Gear can limit download application to Samsung’s own store and should receive 2.5 inch screen

The smart watch from Samsung with Android operating system, which must be announced in early September , you can reach the market with 1.5 GHz processor with two cores and 2.5-inch screen. According to sources of the GigaOM site, a still camera, microphones and support for NFC (Near Field Communications) can also be included by Samsung in the Galaxy Gear.

The screen of the product, according to the website, has 320 x 320 pixels resolution and is sensitive to the touch. The product has an accelerometer, which will allow users to unlock the screen by taking the arm toward the eyes. The product will support some type of gestures with your fingertips to access certain functions more easily, however, according to the website, you will not be able to type texts on the small screen.

With regard to the Galaxy software Gear, it is likely that the product turn the Android system in version 4.2 or Jelly Bean. He must connect to smartphones and tablets with Android via Bluetooth connection and integration with Facebook and Twitter applications. As the applications developed specifically for the smart clock, it is possible that the Samsung download limit only through your own application store, Samsung App Store.


If Samsung launch a smart watch in September, will come to a market already populated by some competitors. In addition to Apple , which should soon launch your own smart watch, other manufacturers have already put on the market some watch models that enable the connection with the smartphone or directly with the internet.

In June, Sony has announced the latest version of your smart watch with Android operating system. The product has 1.6 inch screen, aluminium finish and NFC support. The SmartWatch clock 2 will hit u.s. stores in September.

Another kind of smart watch is the W450 , manufactured by Motorola. The device is shaped like a cube, and features similar to the iPod Nano, Apple, and arrived in Brazil in late 2011 at a price of R $999. It does not depend on a smartphone with Android operating system to function and has applications that allow you to plot routes for running or riding a bike. However, the product is no longer for sale in the country.

In addition to the smart watches manufactured by large companies, there are also independent options, as the Pebble . The product, created with funds obtained through the Kickstarter site, works integrated with the smartphone and allows you to receive notifications of calls, text messages (SMS), control the music player, among other functions. The product is already on sale, USA only.