See Code Wheel V2

Also among the manufacturers of Handsfree conditions, there are unconventional thinkers who dare with innovative products to the market. Such a device is also the new maritime code wheel V2.

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The handsfree can be secure with relatively little installation effort on the steering wheel and set with a screw on its thickness. Just an Allen key included in the box – greetings from IKEA.

The well processed housing integrates visually pleasing well into the Interior and only slightly interferes with steering, as it is attached on the inside of the steering wheel. Who has still no steering wheel remote control, can enjoy the benefits of such with the wheel V2 – the operation is exemplary. This is among other things to the easily accessible keys and their fixed sear.

The quality of processing is evident here: nothing jiggles or crunches. In addition, the small illuminated display on which you can orient themselves when scrolling through the menus, makes it easier.

Two battery pack included

Because the functionality of hands-free devices is generally not just huge to cope can be found quickly also in the menu structure. And because the wheel v2 the contacts in the phone book alphabetically be controlled, you will find very quickly the desired contact.

The wheel V2 is conveniently the same with two rechargeable batteries supplied, which can easily be removed for loading (via the cigarette lighter). In this way, it has on the road always a fully loaded copy available. In the listening test, the wheel V2 delivered decent results, where it sounds tend to be slightly better in the car than in the fixed network. Especially at higher speeds, the sound was a little thin. Both parties talk at the same time, is of fixed network partners turned down also.

See code wheel V2

Manufacturer See code
Price €129.00
Rating 360.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Data sheet

Electronics box (W x H x D in cm) 0,0 x 0,0 x 0,0
Mobile holder passive / charging /
Microphone / speaker integrated /.
own telephone book (number of entries) 600
Transfer phonebook from phone
Color display
to display SMS read / write /
own volume control
Lighting display / remote control /
automatic call acceptance
Radio mute
Voicemail (voice recorder)
Dictate number / name store (number) / 0
Select voice dial / name from phonebook /
Read SMS Virgo.
Read the telephone book entries
Helper / keyword detection /
Profile rSAP / handsfree / headset / /
SIM card reader / antenna /
Data interface Bluetooth
Universal micro input / audio output /
Relay / ISO connectors /
Optional: VDA connection