See the Classic the World’s Most Expensive Watches

In times of Apple Watch, analog parts still have many fans and are good options for men who like to keep a more classic style in the wrist

Can you imagine having in your wrist device that in addition to showing the time, reads your heart rate, GPS, shows your mobile messages and even make payments? Because these are some of the functions of the Apple Watch, watch Apple’s smart, for sale in the USA and some countries in Europe, which has become the object of desire of crazy about gadgets. With all this technology available, what’s the point of buying a classic analog model?

For the marketing manager of international brands of Technos Group, Laura Goretti, the choice for a watch goes beyond its functionality and carries an emotional charge that maybe not the hottest version of Apple’s clock can overcome according to

See the seven most expensive analog watches in the world:

“First, typically have more than a watch, because what counts is often the style, status and indirectly he talks about the person. There will always be some story, some reason that will make us opt for certain model. That is, choose a more traditional clock means that even with restricted functionality, it can be a synonym for an achievement, a milestone or special moment, “he says.

According to the Manager, what most influences the man when buying a watch is still is the design of the piece, that is, the way that product will complement the look and style you’re using. This means that for most functions that a smartwatch clock, the man who has a more classic personal style, for example, end up opting to buy an analog model, with a more traditional footprint.

Go against your own style and personality, by the way, is the mistake that most men make when they buy a watch. In the case of most classics, the pieces with leather bracelets and little information on the display can be a good thing. To someone more in sports, watches with lightweight materials like silicone and some functions such as counting steps and heartbeat can be a complement to physical activities.

“The important thing is to acquire a product that has to do with your personality and that you feel comfortable in using it,” says Laura.

And if you’re thinking of buying a traditional model for thinking a smartwatch clock is a very expensive investment, be aware that this might not be the best criterion for purchase. While an Apple Watch can cost up to $ $17000, there are analog watches that cost more than $ $1 million. Everything will depend on the machine the play of materials used in production and even the brand.

“Increasingly, the classic brands focus on differentiated materials and designs, these factors also influence the increase of the cost of goods, because materials are incorporated into the classic watches and differentiated designs also are present in these products making them almost unique,” says Laura Goretti.