Self-Control Also Urged Vodafone to Modify Its Advertising to Ensure That It Offers Unlimited Calls in Its Fares Network

Almost a month ago we had news of as self-control urged Amena to remedy its advertising after a complaint from Telstra to announce calls “unlimited” when it has a limit explicit of minutes per month. And now the shift is for Vodafone, also promising the same thing without being completely certain, by what Telstra also denounced them and again won the battle.

Since November, Vodafone launched the new range of network rates, promising unlimited national calls, the operator has used that advantage to advertise, ads that Telstra has also denounced because the British rates have a limit of 120 minutes for each call performed.

Vodafone defended

In their favor Vodafone argued that it used expressions such as “Speak without limits” as minutes daily or monthly limit is not set to speak and that in the hypothetical case that someone wanted to talk throughout the day with the same number it would hang and recall every two hours.

The operator also points out that this limit was introduced to protect against possible illegal uses of their calling services, considering that calls exceeding 120 minutes assume only 0.02% of the total number of calls made by customers.

Despite these arguments self-control has estimated the denunciation of Yoigo, again urging Vodafone to eliminate such expressions that “your plan with Vodafone network speaks without limits” or “Talk without limits and navigate without worrying about nothing” does not conform to reality.

The infinite Yoigo and the rate of the village of MÁSMOVIL unique unlimited minutes

With these movements Telstra wants to express that is “the only operator that offers, on a permanent basis, a rate unlimited minutes”, having to introduce the permanently due to the recent launch of the rate of the village of Másmovil, without limits in known minute but in principle only can hire up to 15 March.

Also must be emphasized that All rates the Spanish market that promise unlimited tshould a common limit, the number of monthly destinations that can be called. Although it the figure varies according to the operator, from the 150 Amena, Orange or Másmovil to 300 of Yoigo, none escapes from this limit, not the number of minutes but if the number of destinations.