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History of the Bikini and swimsuit

Bikinis never go out of PinUp style. What Rockabella doesn’t it? In the summer you want to sunbathe at the Lake, beach, or in the outdoor swimming pool and a refreshing dip in the cool waters. Can every woman with a beautiful swimsuit or bikini her curves like a pin up of 50s fashion skilfully set.

Today, we want to go the history of this beautiful swimwear for women, which today exists in all possible colours and forms, to the bottom.

Predecessor Of The Bikinis: The Swimsuit

Already in antiquity, there was a bikini-like two-parter. Evidence for this can be found on ancient wall paintings or mosaics. In the 4th century before Christ wearing girls panties and breast bands, which were similar to a bikini. It remains however unclear whether it is acted on those representations of clothing to underwear, sport or swimwear.
In 1900, the Freiburger invented Valentine’s teaching covered the first two-piece swimwear, which breast and shame. But only supporters of nudism wore this swimwear.In 1920, women’s swimsuits were produced, which consisted of Jersey, Jersey or silk fabrics. Yet early swimsuits dried hard wet. Their task was to be not transparent in the water. Sometimes weights were a sewn so the skirts under water remained visible in the form. They arrested women on the beach, which was too much bare skin to show. The covering of the whole body was at the beginning of the public bath operation for women and M download duty. At the beginning of the 19th century, there was the first closed bathing facilities for women in the cities. In 1903, there were the first swimsuits made of wool or cotton Jersey. This one piece became popular in the 1920s. In many bathing establishments, the women of this swimwear had to wear skirts so that not too much leg was shown.

The trend has changed in 30 years. Now the “aristocratic pallor” in fashion was no longer, but a “healthy Tan” henceforth belonged to the common ideal of beauty. In Germany, the American two-parter “Palm-Beach-Combination” came into fashion in which it was at the bottom of a short skirt or a corset-like panties and a bra as a top. In 1932, the Prussian Kingdom Commissioner issued and the Interior Minister Franz Bracht adopting a gusset.The Decree banned it, that women were allowed to wear this two-parter in the public.These standards of the bathing suits were further exacerbated by the Nazis. As of now, only one piece with leg were allowed. Eva Braun, for example, still wore two-parter as swimwear. At the beginning of the 20th century, the swimsuits were increasingly close, particularly women’s swimsuits were now figure-stressed and there were pictures of models in swimsuits on various vintage posters for this reason often.

The Success Story Of The Bikini

In 1946, the Bikini was invented by the skilled car mechanic and later fashion designer Louis Rénard. On July 18, 1946, he had patented a drawing of the two parter. It consisted of four triangles: these two triangles with a cord connected formed pants and two small triangles covered just under the breast. Bikini was named those bathing suits from the Mars Hall island of Bikini Atoll, which carried out a series of nuclear tests in the same year.
For the first time, the Bikini was presented to the public on July 5, 1946, in Paris “Piscine Molitor” bath. The Nackttänzerin Micheline Bernardini was engaged for the performance of the bikinis, because no mannequin dared to wear the tight swimwear. This swimwear could not prevail even the first years after its invention. It was considered obscene and scandalous. Bikinis were strictly prohibited at many resorts, such as Italy, Portugal or Spain. In 1949, the Bikini was paradoxically allows from the French police Prefecture on the Mediterranean Sea, banned but at the same time on the French Atlantic coast. The Bikini was also banned in the United States, especially in Hollywood films or on beauty contests he was not tolerated, because those were the unwritten Moralgesetzten of the “Hays Code”.

In the 1950s, a WaSP waist, round hips and a full bust was one of the ideal of beauty. The swimsuits were equipped with figure modeling Interior, which was laced along the waist and lifted bosoms. With Zweiteilen you could not reach this ideal of beauty, therefore, the Bikini was exiled out of fashion. In 1953 Marilyn a furore with a bikini. Also, the relatively unknown Brigitte Bardot showed in 1953 in a Pink Plaid bikini at the Cannes Film Festival. Only in the 60s, the Bikini was worn like. The actress Ursula Andress wore a bikini in the James Bond movie “007 jagt Dr. No” and made the Bikini to world famous.
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