Shoes: Same Great People

Okay that tennis is beyond comfortable and today turned a piece accepted in many work environments-especially if you are in the area of communication and the like – but this idea that shoe is always uncomfortable, outdated, boring and lame people thing is also the largest square ideas.

All men’s fashion magazines, major brands and most attuned (including street style) point shoes as compulsory style item (for men of any age which certainly includes you!).

Boots, docksides, loafers, oxfords, brogues and loafers in are the names of the time, and believe me, they are your friends!

You can wear with jeans and t-shirt taken off? Yes!
You can wear with denim pants and kinked mouth? Yes!
You can use of bermuda? Yes!
You can use a skirt and cause controversy.

Check out some models and inspire-if you also leave the shoes and experience the feeling of power and elegance that only a male can give you good shoe.

The Brogues are Oxfords with holes. When you come across an Oxford full of holes and these holes usually form designs, know that you are in front of a Brogue.

From the same family are the moccasins, shoes and car dockshoes.

Suede loafer never goes out of style then you can always invest in them. The slippers are close relatives and are at the peak.

The car shoes (or driver) are relatives of moccasins and falls just remember: you know that all soft and shoe with polka dots in place of sole? They are the car shoes.

Another great model to invest and that I never have the your are the dockshoes, or deckshoes, which are everywhere in thousands of colors, prints and neutral tones to anyone put defect.

The Loafers are the requested time and are returning (if memory serves) there the early 90 (I confess that I used). To differentiate those signs usually means only if calling on leather band on the instep. They are the face of style college (high school) that is both high in men’s fashion.

The boots are going to follow the trends of the shoes and also have their specific models like the big boots and cowboy boots.

In the end the important thing in this story is not memorizing the names of the models – after all nobody has much patience for that, or I’m woman – but if you call on their face and know that there are more than two choices of shoes for you.

In this sea of opportunities open up, if you want to be the fashionista requested time are the colored soles. An invasion is going on around the world and for the more discreet how about a Navy Blue soles?

And please let’s forget the shoes at the bottom of the closet and let the running shoes to the gym?