Shopping Trend: Mannequins Send Customers Of Fashion Tips

Some retail stores for high fashion have started well in London, to equip stores with Smart Display mannequins, which will offer customers more options than just the presentation of fashion. The contact with the mannequins can be realized with the Smartphone and a free app by the digital technology VMBeacon. Thus, the customer receives information about the clothing on the iPhone display.

To use this technology, iPhone only an app is necessary in addition to an Android Smartphone or even an Apple. The customer is the showcase of the retailer and the app on your Smartphone, opens at the same time additional fashion tips and shopping trends can be called. The mannequin therefore represents an additional option for merchants to reach potential customers and lure in the store.

Interesting Shopping Information Displayed On The Smartphone

The technology VMBeacon also released a video, that shows in detail what content to the Smartphone of customers are sent. This it can turn includes information about prices, links to other products from the Online-shop of the merchant, as well as to article proposals that might be ideal to combine with the clothes of the mannequins.

The smart display mannequins are tested currently among other things in the stores in London by the fashion retailer Hawes & Curtis. In the United States, these mannequins as well in the near future should be used.