Shorts Story: The Pattern in the Thigh

I thought I was times ne shorts story… because we had once again briefly hot summer weather and there the legs of course immediately in the air.

After all, the days are counted… and yes, this can be interpreted quite ambiguously. However, my shorts has only one leg ähhhh, the story just one act.

For what can you tell about such a pair of trousers? Ne long story will not. In addition, the shorts just have less importance-because her sister, the Bermuda shorts is much more an exciting life. And yes, I wear it too-so the almost knielange variant-but it does not really stand for me so well… Anything that a handbreit ends over my knee does not fit my figure, stature, my legs, me. Besides, I just had to remember that a tight Bermuda is a cyclist’s trousers… Huh?

Question Of The Styling

Optically my leg is better with it, if the pants are either shorter or longer. So either Culotte or 7/8 or shorts… or the same long… so a long pants I mean.? The same applies to skirts, too, which makes a difference in how far and flowing or tight the good piece is. But ultimately everything is just a question of the right styling… But I digress-after all, this should be a shorts story… because I love shorts… totally.

Shorts Vs. Skirt

Shorts are much more clever than skirts-why this is so, I can not explain so exactly. But a skirt that is as short as a shorts I would never wear… That would be too much for me. I do not sit with a shorts not broad-legged in the area rum, but with the short pants I do not always fear that some corner slips to unimagined heights and pluck so not always synonymous around… The only thing short pants with skirts have in common is the pattern that leaves various seating on the back of the thighs… and the sticky feeling that some sit up while getting up. But I do not want to go into it now-I think you know what I’m talking about.

Thigh-Seat Footprint Pattern Interpreter Of

However, I should want to change professionally, I will see if one can predict the future prospects of the wearer by means of the pattern… thigh-seat-print-pattern-deuterine, I would find no such bad occupation. Hmmm…. Only for the winter months I would then still look for something-I guess bad weather would not get me….Except, I would be really good? I just think about it further or maybe you have some ideas? But again, I’m back from my shorts story, which is now never even as short as originally thought…

Trumpet Sleeve Eat

I wear the outfit when I was with my two lovely sisters in the brunches… and brief memo to me… trumpet sleeves are less suitable, if you want to eat something … But also that is only mentioned on the edge… I then revel in today’s memories of a constant summer weather, where I only have to consider the color, but not the length of the pants. In reality, however, the question arises, for scarf or not and certainly I will be with umbrella on the way… Have a great week all loved…? ?