Size Is Everything: That Makes The Ideal Bra Out

Expert Guide: How To Calculate The Optimal Basket Size

90 percent of women have problems finding the perfect bra. But how does woman at all know that the bra does not fit properly? We have asked an expert for advice and we show her the ideal bra size.

Stephanie Schneider is highly professional in her quest for the right size and fit of BHs with her expert knowledge, which she has gathered over many years with lingerie. In her Berlin studio “Marjan – Dessous made-to-measure”, the studied fashion designer manufactures tailor-made brass braces, among other things, and has a trained eye regarding the correct packaging of the female breast.

There Is Something Wrong?! Detect False BH Sizes

Do you ask now whether you are among the women who are of the wrong size? To find out, there are a few simple clues that you can find in our infographics.

It is easy to identify a suitable bra by looking at the front of the bridge between the breasts. This must rest on the fuselage and must not hang in the air.

A reference to the correct fit of the bra gives the gusset – the connection between the two cups at the front.This must be against the body and must not press anywhere. ” When lifting the breasts with both hands, it must not move.” It is also important that the strap is aligned horizontally. If the back part is pulled up, the under-chest width is too large . ”

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The optics are, of course, also an indicator for an optimal fit. Is the breast properly covered? Neither under the armpits nor above the baskets should there be any light. In what form does the basket bring the breast? The best way to do this is to wear a tight T-shirt. If a beautiful shape forms here, the carriers do not intersect and the braces also anywhere else-then it fits perfectly.

Why The Right Bra Size Is So Important

Bras are usually designed for breasts in the shape of a hemisphere and for women with a flatter or fuller breast, this fit is problematic.

A well-fitting bra is more important than you might guess. Because wearing a false bra is not only unpleasant, but can lead to consequential damage. If you wear a too big bra, the breast is not optimally supported and the connective tissue is overstrained – this is supposed to lead to a hängebrust. The French sports doctor Jean-Denis Rouillon, however, recently wanted to clean up this rumor and has supposedly proven that by omitting the bra, a hanging breast could even be avoided. However, a long-term study is not yet available.

“Especially in the case of large and heavy breasts, it is easy to cut the braces in the shoulder area with a wrong bra – in addition, back pain can occur. Thanks to the use of high-quality and precise backs and straps, I have already been able to rid many patients of back pain. “

The worst thing she has experienced so far, the tailor tells us, “was a young woman whose bra temples were too long on the sides. She had a regular vacancy under the arms by the constant piercing of the temples. “

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Find The Right Bra Size-That’s How It Works

“Many wear the wrong size because they do not know how the measurement system works. It is a little complicated and I find the women are either little or even wrongly advised and do not know which fit is their right, “ according to Especially on the Internet there are few consulting possibilities and also varying information on the topic. So let’s ask how the system works at all and how women can measure themselves at home. If you already know its size, you can read our tips below, what to consider if you want to buy the right bra online.

Bra Glossary

On the size labels of the bras always stands first a number: 75, 80 85, 90, etc. This stands for the intersection measure.

75A or 80D – do you know what that means? The numbers indicate your chest circumference and the letters your cup size. For a better understanding of the subject vocabulary, here is a brief overview of the most important terms. This will help you understand the instructions for the correct measurement.

Under Bust

The number in front of the letter in the BH size indicates the circumference of the breasts – that is, the body circumference below the chest. This is indicated in five-centimeter steps (75, 80, 85, 90, etc.) and forms the sub-band in the bra.

Cup Size/Cup

The letter (A, B, C, D etc.) indicates the size of the cup / cup. This is calculated from the difference between the circumference of the chest and the circumference of the chest.


You should know the chest circumference to calculate the cup size. You measure it horizontally around the strongest part of your chest.

Cross Size/Neighbor Size/Sister-Size

The so-called Sister-Size allows small variations in BH size. It is formed by variation of the breasts circumference and basket size. To reduce the size, the breed width is reduced by five, but the cup is enlarged by one letter. For the next larger size, on the other hand, you add the number five to the detected spur width, but the cube is reduced by one letter. The neighboring variables of 75B are therefore 70C and 80A.

This is especially helpful if you want to order a few sizes for trying on the Onlineshop. Thanks to the small differences in size, the neighboring sizes are particularly suitable.

Correctly Measure And Calculate

Tip: Do you have a diet or intense strength training behind you? Then you should urgently re-determine your bra size. It may be that you suddenly have the wrong bra size due to the changes in your body.

Trickles Allowed! Buy The Perfect Bra Online

Of course, woman can also use one or the other trick to make synonymous ready-made bras. “For example, with two differently sized breasts, one can still work with ready-made bras by adjusting the bra to the larger breast and the smaller one upholstered. There are these small cushions, which are inserted into the basket.This allows you to conceal the differences in the breast and still buy a normal bra. “

That’s why there’s no reason to order brassiere at the Onlineshop. For example, if you have already found a well-fitting bra for you, Then simply order from the same brand the same or a similar model in the same size.This makes you sure that this bra fits as well.

When putting on the bra you should bend forward and shake the breasts into the cups.Then the bra sits right!

If you are still uncertain when choosing the right size, you can measure your size carefully, as shown in the graphic, and order the corresponding BH models in the Onlineshop. Maybe it is helpful to order a Sister-Size.You can then return non-appropriate laundry. With many providers this service is finally free. It is advisable, if you have a friend at your side when trying on, “which can then also times say: No, that does not fit. She probably just has the better look because she can also check the back seat. “

In addition, you can read the customer evaluations for individual products. There is often information about the specific fit of an article. So you know, if the article you favored is rather big or small. Use the experience of other women and order a different size accordingly.