Skinny Jeans – Sew Them Yourself

Tight jeans are some of the most difficult to find a good symønster to. But we have created one!

It is not a pattern we just have just danced out of the pencil on a single afternoon. In fact, we have spent several years researching, testing and the organisation A-L-L-E recipes, variations and developments of patterns into tight jeans, we have been able to find on the website. We have tested and engineered with material and we have several international books and blog posts about jeans with in our research. Yet none of it worked.

Until now. We found a tiny little difference a tiny little place. And no, we are not saying what it is. But the tiny little difference made all the big difference. And now our jeans like jeans should sit!

It is like making tons of jeans! But you can only do one symønster at a time, and we have chosen to start with a pattern to the tight jeans. They require of the substance, that there is stretch in it, otherwise, the fit will be really small. With the right amount of stretch in the fabric (2-5% in most types of denim) will fit on the other hand, be significantly better and more jeans-like than you ever have previously tried in a symønster to tight jeans.

You have probably still needs a few adjustments to get the fit completely into place. I (Signe from Sysiden) to fx. have created a large abdominal contouring, for that I can fit the pants (and no, it wouldn’t help if I took a larger size – you already know if you are a faithful reader of our symagasiner). And I have also singled out centrally behind 2 cm on the model here, because that was just over the back waistband. But it is trifles, and what to expect in all symønstre. It is not what makes the difference between whether the pants sit as pants or like tight jeans.

Here comes that just a small disclaimer: it’s our first pattern to the tight jeans, and we’ve been a tad too optimistic. This has resulted in that most need a size larger than they usually do. I have eg. skipped in a str. 46, though normally I am str. 44 in Sysidens patterns. But honestly. With the ass I get in here tight jeans that I am actually whistling don’t care what order I should draw a line pattern of after. When skinny jeans can sit so well and be so pleasant, so they can be called what they want – I walk in them!

Now it is not only the fit, that makes a pair of jeans to jeans. There are also some design details that tie in with jeans. Baglommerne with stitching is for example an easily recognizable detail. Remember to design your own lines to the stitching – it is illegal to copy the major marks, and they have in fact often patent on stikningernes pattern, and have people employed to stop copies. My stitching here must you now would like to copy, if you like them.

The clever reader will see that I have forgotten decorate blending at crotch seam. It can otherwise be a good idea to get with, besides that it is part of the jeans-designed, so is it also helps to reinforce the seam, which can be nice in a pair of tight jeans.

Belt straps are also important on jeans. They may like to sewn a bit “raw” on from the outside. If they are sewn firmly, it does not matter to the ends of the belt straps are not fixed, but just raw edges. They come perhaps to unravel a little bit over time, but it is part of the design in jeans – they must be worn with time. In the bonus material in Sysidens online sewing Club , there is a guide for sewing belt loops, if you need such a.

You can see the crack in the legs, these jeans have? It is one of the things that is at a jeans fit, which is not in General pants: jeans are a little wheel PIN. This does not mean that you have to be bow-legged to the snugly. But it is part of the explanation that the jeans sit differently than all the other pants.

Denim is a rigid material, and skinny jeans are so tight, that quickly comes folds in the fabric. It is part of the design, and some of it you often try to create “artificial” using a variety of fashion wash, rather than letting the folds come of itself in use. In the denim I have chosen comes folds quickly. Here are the pants photographed after a single day’s use, and already there are well-marked folds at the knees. My jeans are already shaping up after the body, and they are certainly fast favorite pants.

You can even sew your next favorite jeans!