Sleeping Bag for Child

The adaptable series which follows the growth of your children.

A sleeping bag for kids can be used outdoors and high quality that grows with your little ones and good guards warm. The outer material is silent which guarantees a peaceful sleep. Clever! Grüezi + Bag knows the needs of your children!

The peculiarity of our sleeping bags is the adjustable area at the level of the feet, which can be easily extended with a zipper if your little ones have had a growth spurt. The COLORFUL KIDS sleeping bag is the right sleeping bag for children with a size of 100 to 155 centimeters.

The sleeping bags for kids are garnished with a particularly breathable fiber: fiber ARL Air-Fiber-3D which can absorb a huge amount of air, offering a good regulation of temperatures for a sleep perfect. The zipper is protected by a padded Strip, so that, here too, no heat can escape in order to keep your children warm during their sleep. A strap is attached to the zipper: it is easy to open and close the bag without the risk of pinch – children can slide outside the bag for themselves if they want.

Sleeping Bag for Child

Funny detail for explorers: the zipper has a compass. The COLORFUL KIDS sleeping bag comes in a bag in which the sleeping bag can be easily packed and can also be compressed to a small size for transport.

Children grow up the sleeping bag COLORFUL is a clever alternative-it grows with your child, it is comfortable, soft and warm, thanks to its design, the small campers will love going to bed!

A sleeping bag, up to what age?

In theory, The SleepSack are up to 36 months, or three years.
However, from 12-18 months, it’s especially your child that may dictate what we have to do. It is not uncommon that a little fun out, understand the functioning of his SleepSack and is releases. Especially if his idea is to get out of bed…

Others, on the contrary, will sleep with the night and will be almost clueless when they are old enough to take the next step: the comforter or the sheet!
In any case the choice of the SleepSack is according to its practicality for the child as it is for you and the season. Once this choice is made, you will just to draw among the many models of information created for young girls like boys!