Small Leather Jacket

Still a must-have, this spring, something that you don’t cut: it is the leather jacket. Last summer, it was the jean jacket, in all its forms. This year, it’s exactly the same, except that it’s leather or suede.

A few years ago, we had seen leathers in acid colors, but this season, we put on the authentic leather side and natural colors. The camel and toffee are very popular, but chocolate, beige and bronze are still topical. And then, of course, there are black leather.

We find small jackets short and narrow, way jacket motorcycle (Kookai, Naf-Naf) that will give you a look a little scoundrel.
This kind of jacket to wear at the boyish with wide-leg pants. Alternatively you can also adopt the punk attitude with very narrow grey jeans.
You can also get married with a slightly flared skirt, with a dress shirt and ballerinas, and even with a tiny pleated skirt. Not so wise that…

This spring, you can’t miss the Sahara, also transcribed patinated leather and suede (Carroll, Kookai).

Perfectly adapted to the safari trend, she takes the natural colors and there is almost no black.

By these temperatures still uncertain, it is the ideal complement to a slightly wild look. A Saharan dress for example ajar (mind, Zara), or flax (Kookaï, Comptoir des Cotonniers) pants worn with a top lingerie satin (Mexx, Caroll).
And why not a short trellis (Morgan, Diesel) and a marcel flesh color with printed Golden (Zara)?
With the Saharan, essential accessories: very large creoles, a small cloth bag African to handle wooden and leather wedge sandals.

Coat half a season, you can focus on the true trench coat in leather, recognisable by his belt and flap buttoned at the shoulder (Zara, Oakwood), or on a jacket 3/4 the same inspiration (Kookaï) suede.

Style ‘Mac’ coats are very represented this year. They were slightly shortened because of the mini shorts and mini skirts, they are perfect.
But of course you can wear them with short jeans or pants in linen.

In all cases, African accessories and details of tortoiseshell or wood are in order with the trench or leather coat. We swim in full safari attitude…

The classic jacket, type suit jacket, also has its leather version. It is most often of beige or tan color and it can be embellished cutting (Naf – Naf, Mango). Sometimes, it even consists of two different materials: cotton canvas and leather for example.

With his tailor, classic and chic shape collar, but its authentic material, this jacket lends itself to very different uses.
Associated with classic pants, she will be classy and not too prepared, to break the effect “tailor”.
With jeans, it will give you an air of jet-setter on holiday, and with a flared, skirt printed African patterns or camouflage, you’ll be the Queen of Savannah.

There also hybrid jackets. For example of the motorcycle kway, mi-veste classic, mi-saharienne specimens, often very short (Claudie Pierlot, The small).

They give a spirit a bit androgynous but pretty sexy anyway, to wear with jeans or a pair of men’s pants.

Other models are a little nondescript and the appearance of mini coats to children of the 1970s (BA & SH) or leather jacket from the 1950s (

In short a choice stunning little things leather, for all tastes and all budgets, or almost, because the leather, in essence, it can’t be cheap.

On the other hand, it takes decades. Which means, if you don’t roll on the Euros, you can consider investing in a timeless form (trench coat, jacket motorcycle…) for example.
Or so outright, why not rummage in vintage shops (Yes, good, and save a sheep…).

A few hours of research into deposits sales of your city, possibly one of dry cleaners, some treatment cream, and Presto: a leather brand new and vintage at the same time.