Smartphone from Amazon and Rumors

Check out news that drew attention in the world of technology between 15 and 21 June

Even vying for attention with the World Cup, some technology companies have managed to stand out at the start of the second half of June. Amazon and your first smartphone, and Apple, with rumors about your Smart Watch, are good examples of what was news. Check out the news of the week in Tech:

On Monday (16), another chapter in the fight between Apple and the iPhone Gradient had order: the Federal Court of the 2nd Region rejected the appeal made by the gradient and maintained the earlier decision of non-exclusivity of the Gradient on the iPhone brand. The brazilian company has already warned that it will appeal. Also earlier this week arrived at Brazil two new tablets from Lenovo. The main highlight is the Yoga Tablet, which has three modes of use and 10-inch screen according to Bestitude.

The Slingshot application, created by Facebook to compete with the Snapchat, is also a recent novelty. The program, free for iPhone and Android, lets you send photos and short videos that are automatically deleted after seen. There is however a big difference:the Slingshot, the user is obliged to send a your image to your friend if you want to view the file received.

Another novel that had new chapters was the Mt. Gox, bitcoin based in Tokyo that collapsed earlier this year after an alleged attack by hackers. On Tuesday (17), the United States has given bankruptcy protection the company.

Already on Wednesday, June 18, it was the turn of Amazon steal the scene. First because your application store won another important client, the BlackBerry, then, because Jeff Bezos, the company’s CEO, announced your first smartphone. The biggest news of the Fire Phone is the Firefly feature . It allows you to use the smartphone’s camera to recognize more than 70 million, according to the manufacturer. The idea is that the user can shoot an object and immediately buy it on Amazon.

Twitter also announced a new, far less impact, it is true, but that has pleased many of its users:from now on the social networking site allows the posting of Gfls, those images that move and are almost synonymous with meme.

Short week, at least in Brazil, ended with new rumors about Apple’s smart clock. Sources from Reuters and The Wall Street Journal said that Quanta Computer will start to produce the smart device in July and that the company expects to sell 50 million units . Expected for October, month of traditional Apple iWatch releases, as it has been called, would have a 2.5-inch diagonal screen, and it would be slightly rectangular, with touch-sensitive interface and Wireless charging. According to the WSJ, the clock will have various screen sizes and models.