So Are The Android Animations N… Slow Motion

Last week Google held the Conference Google I/O, an annual event in which the Mountain View advantage to mark the path to follow in the future, and how could it be otherwise, Android N He was one of the protagonists. The next major update of the system does not even have official name, but we already know what will be its salient features.

The design was the axis of the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but since Google has not introduced notable changes in this section. Android N continues to maintain the spirit of Material Design, polishing details here and there to give a touch more elegant, but without dramatic changes in the interface. One aspect that has been improved in this release are the animations, but it is very difficult to appreciate details unless we reduce the speed.

The role of animations is none other than the of smooth transitions between menus and applications, creating striking effects that often behave as if they follow the laws of physics. This was one of the most striking changes in Lollipop and continued in Marshmallow. Now with Android, the animations show new Visual effects that can be seen in its peak thanks to the team of GeekCeption, who has taken the trouble to record them in slow motion.

How to reduce the speed of animations

Normally, the speed at which animations are played is too fast and, unless you have Hawk-Eye, most effects will go unnoticed, but there is a simple trick to be able to adjust the speed to your liking.

Just that you point to settings and scroll until you find to do Development options. Within this menu, under drawing, you will see three entries that refer to animations. By default come configured to 1 x speed, but if you modify them to 10 x you will see how your new smartphone starts so slow that the simple action of exit the menu settings becomes all a feat.

Needless to say that this trick It is not worth for nothing more than to see the animations with more detail. In the video seems all very relaxing, but the reality is different – two minutes with animations in slow motion we have sufficed to get nerves.