So Is 3.0 OxygenOS OnePlus on 6.0 Android Marshmallow

Becoming an eternal waiting, but the the smartphone OnePlus arrived in OxygenOS 3.0 It is a little bit closer. OnePlus 2 users can already do with a version “community”, which is still unstable. An open beta which serves to know some facts about the new layer and that the company wants that you use to debug errors.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow began to be tested in OnePlus last November of 2015, when they began tests with the HydrogenOS of the Chinese market. Now it’s the turn of the international version, already based on Android 6.0.1, which brings some What’s new in content and performance improvements.

Better performance and interface changes

Beginning with some optimistic data, and on the basis that is not yet the official version, manufacturer Chinese account that OxygenOS 3.0 is a 47% faster than OxygenOS 2.2.1 in the test of overall performance benchmarks.

One of the elements that has most improved is the fingerprint reader, which is now an average of 45% faster, According to mark checks. Those who participate in the beta may be put to the test this fact, but should know that they will lose their engraving and will have to repeat the process in the future again.

Another aspect in which more effort have put developers is in the camera. The note says that the interface is cleaner, with a realignment of the touch buttons towards the ends, switching between photo and video with a sliding and more options to single-click.

Practically not specified what they consist of, but also there have been changes in user experience. We know that in the settings menu there is a reorganization of the elements and that the system of permits for apps is also standardized. We can see how it has been in some YouTube videos like this that a user called Sai V has posted.

What have in mind for the installation

OnePlus forums is the OxygenOS 3.0 download file, since at the moment it is not serving via OTA. Those who join the beta phase if will receive flight the rest of updates over the next few days. It asks in particular evaluations of networks, by region and operator, the camera and the battery.

There are many paths to reach Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with a OnePlus 2. In this other thread of the official forums, the moderator Naman Ballah has done a great job detailing the steps to follow to your installation depending on the starting point of each user. Distinction between doing so restoring the information phone and, therefore, losing all the data, or with a dirty Flash which allows not to do so. To be eligible for this latest need Oxygen recovery.

Little by little, the young company is getting a day, even resorting to the community and do not have definite date for this version, nor much less to the OnePlus X, the latter brought to the sale. His problem is that much of its user base are technology enthusiasts who feel more impatience and that is causing some anxiety. But there is less, a little less.