So The Bikini Area System

Three repent of brazilian waxing tell us their (happy) return to the bush! Curious? Read now their testimony!

I choose the natural

Chiara, 24 years

 I started” cerettarmi “18 and Paul, my boyfriend, he always appreciated. Then one day my beautician changing room and I had a fight with the thicken the woods. I’m so ashamed that when my boy friend went to the attack I stiffened with the usual excuse of a headache or a bad day at the office. of course, we fought heavy: he thought I had another. More points on

So I have one day left to go, and … Wow, the view of the grove was excited as fuck and has let go of the brakes to see me “natural.” Conclusion: since that day I rediscovered the pleasure to feel free from the bondage of waxing and saving a lot of euro. I do every now and then a coat of trimmer to trim the hair. And that feeling under the sheets! “.

I will no longer be a child

Ludovica, 32

“No, no, I can do it, the idea of wearing thong that useless paper and put legs to air the beautician I is not never liked. For this I have experienced over the years several home methods of hair removal. I tried everything: creams, depilatory strips, razors, waxing but the results were disastrous for my skin already delicate, down there even more. Thinking about it, I realized that I was following a trend that we want without hair smooth and girls like girls . Then one day I got a good irritation. the gynecologist has called folliculitis vulvar and was due to the fact that the nude look made ​​him more vulnerable to bacteria my vagina. in short, I took a scare! Today I will just only shave the groin and when I look in the mirror I see myself sexy and where’s my Car “.

I discovered the inconvenient truth

Lorena, 28 years

“I am a former devoted to the landing strip, say former because a friend graduating in Medicine has revealed to me that waxing in intimate areas can cause microtaglietti that in addition to burning, once healed make the rough area . Yes, well, the your boyfriend loves the velvety effect of the hairless skin and instead may find himself to caress the area dry and cracked. in addition, it seems that over time can cause sagging and aging of the lips. Then stop to waxing, I do not want to resort to a surgical refresh . And then I have to admit that my boy a bit ‘of “bush” like best “!