So The Eyeliner Is Perfect

Did you know that when the go out make up 58% of all women in Germany put on an eyelid? There are still 36% for the job. (Survey VKE cosmetics Association).

In ancient Egypt, women and men without went out of the House – but it was so, but above all to ward off the “evil eye”. In the 1920s, the Cleopatra look with a broad stroke of the eyelid was totally said. In the 60s, designers like Mary Quant (the inventor of the miniskirt) again made the eyeliner makeup trend. And also 2016 the eyeliner in any cosmetic bag essential.

Of course, there are infinitely many different possibilities of right and quite subtly seductive.

Here are the three most important eyeliner looks:

1. Sch Acharya Pick-Me-Up

A very fine line on the upper eyelid can be more awake look like eyes.Best man makes a Eyeliner felt-tip pen. (My favorite is the “high precision liquid liner” by Artdeco). The upper lid with the index finger tight with the PIN, placed as close as possible to the lash from the inner to the outer corner of the eye as straight line pull and one. For the French effect expires this line in a minimum outdoor swing. So Brown eyes look really French 😉

My tip for makeover beginners: With the eyeliner pen points between the eyelashes on the upper lid set and then connect.

2. F For Expressive Eyes

A narrow eyeliner on the upper and lower lid is perfect for big eyes, because this make-up technique makes them more expressive and brings into focus. Also makeup artists recommend them also fordrooping eyelids, because to look also at the lower eyelid is directed.Best to use for a waterproof pencil, which also fixes are easy, and who stays where it belongs. Brown seems particularly of course and is ideal for blondes and redheads (such as “Dior crayon eyeliner waterproof No. 594 Intense Brown”). It may be also black with dark eyes and hair (“such as Dior crayon eyeliner waterproof No. 094 Trinida Black”). The upper lid with the index finger, pull tight and pull a precise line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. When the eye liner eyeliner on the lower eyelid the following trick, sure that the line is not too hard provides:

Screw up your eyes a few times after applying. Through the tears, there’s a nice soft effect. You can easily blur the line on the upper eyelid with a brush. So, the look is casual.

3. Sexy Cat Eyes

Wide bar outside lightly on the upper eyelid, and fine line on the lower eyelid – this look is perfect for the evening, because he makes the eyes especially mysterious look.

So is makeup: first with light brown eye shadow on the upper edge of the movable part of the upper lids wide draw a line – from the inner to the outer corner of the eye – which ends with gentle swing upwards. Blur gently upwards. This expands the eye visually. Tighten the upper eyelid with your index finger. Gel eyeliner (for example “M.A.C. liner Fluidline“) take on a special eyeliner brush. Apply the brush as close as possible to the lash and first from the inner corner of the eye to pull the middle of the upper eyelid, then from the middle to the outer corner of the eye a most exact, broad stroke of upward, runs out. Pros recommend: first with a point set, where the outdoor swing stops. Then connect the line from the outer corner of the eye until then. Admittedly, this technique is the most expensive and best practice it a few times.

Professional Tricks F ÜR All F Ælla

Makeup artists recommend to try the eyeliner first on the back of the hand, so you get a feel for the texture and the bar on the upper eyelid folds.

If you have a very steady hand, sits in the makeup and rests his elbow on the table.

With the eyeliner with eye liner, it makes sense to a few minutes to warm the pen before applying, for example between the hands, or near a heater. As the mine is smoother and softer line.

So the color holds as long as possible and does not run, apply before the eyeliner applying best an eyeshadow base. This makes the skin grease and glä

To remove small color goof with a cotton swab that is soaked with makeup remover.

To say it with actress Jeanne Moreau: “The invitation to the flirt is written with the eyes”. In the sense-have fun with make-up and quite love greetings from