So Would Be The Redesign of The Notifications and Quick Adjustments of Android N

The official presentation of Android N It is becoming increasingly closer, and when closer to the date of its announcement – may 18 during the Google I/O 2016 – more are rumors and leaks that appear on the network. If a few days ago we saw how they could be your settings now see how it could be your bar of notifications and bar of quick adjustments.

The guys at Android Police say have already seen one previous version of Android N and neither short nor lazy, not to share screenshots real, they have begun to recreate what they have seen.

Android N will follow the lines of Material Design but that doesn’t mean that again we have the same released 5.0 Android Lollipop interface. There will be redesigns as the notification bar and the bar of quick adjustments.


There are several changes that we find with the new design of the notification bar. The first is that the bar of notifications It occupies the entire width of the screen. The second change is that we will now see a small line with quick adjustment. The third change is that now the list of notifications are not separate cards, they are now separated by a boundary line. The fourth and final change is that now each notification it will put the name of your application.