Solar Shirt: New T-Shirt Generated Energy

Wearables are of course fashion is trendy and portable technology development. We had already frequently reported in recent months on Modeassecoires and various clothing trends that new technologies in the materials and objects with einweben. Fashion designer Pauline van Dongen presented their latest creation, namely a stylish shirt with integrated solar cells for the production of clean electricity on the road a few days ago on the SXSW Interactive in Austin USA. The flexible solar cells, which are woven into the fabric, could pass for smooth a fabric and patterns without knowing that the new shirt is a shirt of solar. More to the ends of the new energy producing fashion creation by Pauline van Dongen look and as always, you read in this article.

Solar Shirt: New Shirt Generated Energy

The fashion designer Pauline van Dongen has equipped with around 120 flexible solar films her latest SolarShirt and that without that necessarily notice the solar cells. The Dutch Designer has with Holst Centre worked together, a company which specializes in the development of portable, flexible technologies. The company is not only flexible solar cells manufactured, but also other electronics to make it wearable in everyday life. An application of the developed technologies is just the new solar shirt by Pauline van Dongen.

Solarshirt Loads A Whole Smartphone

The solar shirt produces approximately 1 watt of electricity according to estatelearning, and can fully recharge an iPhone within a few hours in good weather. The solar shirt can provide also Mp3 players, tablets, cameras and navigation devices on the go power. Finally also a battery is installed in the new shirt, which saves generated electricity. This way you can carry the current later on a mobile device and so joins the new SolarShirt in the list of practical mobile power generators for untwerwegs. At the same time, is the new SolarShirt also no future vision more, but could and should come within a few months on the market. The battery must still waterproof and the solar cells and the USB port be made washable. Otherwise, nothing more in the way is the production of the SolarShirts theory. Bottom line: A great idea and development we are guaranteed soon see on our roads.