Sony Could Be Studying Its Mobile Division Options, Including Sale

The results of Sony continue to be debatable, and perhaps for that reason the Japanese company continues studying formulas that could improve their finances without compromising their activities.

Almost a year ago that Sony announced the sale of its VAIO Laptops, and as reported by Reuters today quoting an anonymous source, seems that the Japanese they could be studying options to any of its business divisions, including that of mobile devices.

The news is not trivial, and is that Sony takes some months in full restructuring of a division that has not finished good economic results from the total acquisition by Sony’s joint venture maintained with Ericsson.

Now, the loss of 1,000 jobs associated with this restructuring, it seems that we have to add the suspicions about that Sony may be looking for a buyer for its mobile division and Xperia devices.

Currently there is no buyer on the table, but the sources cited that “each division must understand that Sony can get out of the business”. The own Kazuo Hirai, CEO of the company, was commissioned to add fuel to the fire during the 2015 CES Las Vegas:

Electronics in general, along with entertainment and finance, will continue to be an important business. But internally there are some actions that must be followed with caution, and these may be related to television or mobile, for example.

Should not alarm us with this news, because companies are looking for profitability to your business and they study all your options available in a systematic way. This does not mean the disappearance of Sony Mobile or the Xperia range, only that Sony may be value