SONY PS LX300USB Record Player

The turntable Sony PSLX300 is aimed at those who want a quality player or start in the world of the mixtures of vinyls.

It will not only play them with an extraordinary sound but that it also allows you to make backup copies of your CDs to other formats, such as mp3.

Let’s see a little more in detail the advantages that gives us this turntable as well valued by the buyers.

Sony PSLX300 turntable

1. main advantages

Not only the performance of this player is excellent, the best is undoubtedly its price.

To be able to hear your drives with the highest quality would be needed to connect a good amplifier to the auxiliary input which has.

If you read opinions of other buyers, you’ll notice that it is really a bargain, and one of the best-selling turntable at Amazon.

All this, together with the possibility of vinyl recordings in digital, to listen to them on our portable player, for example, a design that is content without being retro and a phono amplifier which can be turned off manually, make one of the top-rated player.

2. features of turntable SONY PSLX300USB

General characteristics

  • Converting vinyl to mp3 via the front Usb port.
  • It works with 2-speed selector, 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.
  • Very smooth playback through the quality of the transmission (belt).
  • Excellent reproduction through diamond needle.
  • The discs are completely free of any scratches, because it’s completely automatic.

Technical characteristics

  • Type N6516-1 arm.
  • Reader type mm
  • DC servomotor.
  • Belt drive.
  • Semi-automatic.
  • Turntable diameter de295 mm.
  • Tremolo and fluctuation WRMS 0.25 per cent.
  • Ratio in decibels greater than 50 (DIN-B).
  • Stylus force fixed (3.5 ± 1, 0 gram).


This turntable has a vintage design that is timeless in time, what does this mean? simply that players are currently highly demanded, are fashionable, however have been many years in the market, are a rather old appliances, that a player always will have a design nostalgic for those who enjoy their sound, and for those who renounce the current CD.

Be classic, also means that you have to have the same appearance, “retro” (see phonecations), manufacturers who design modern turntable, with current appearance, however there is this model Sony PSLX300USB is made maintaining the appearance of those first turntable, but with clearly notable improvements.

With its translucent cover and finishes in black color, its appearance is timeless, sober, very practical, compact, light weight, something the professionals, grateful since it promotes their transfer from one place to another.


Belt drive system makes this player a very precise device, and not only that, but its Diamond needle makes the reproduction of vinyl something special, our records will be in good hands.