Sony SmartWatch 3 test: Android wear times sports

Sony has placed with the SmartWatch 3 SWR50 the first smart watch with Android wear and GPS on the market. Is it good for sportinguse? The test reveals it.

Actually the test is quickly completed, G watch R doing like the LG,Motorola Moto 360 and also the Samsung gear live is only a screen extension for your own Android Smartphone also the Sony SmartWatch 3. Point. But wait! The Sony SmartWatch has but a built-in GPS chip, and is thus especially for sporting contemporaries of interest. Thanks to the chips, it is possible to go a round without that youhave to lug around your Smartphone running.

As the name implies, the SmartWatch 3 already is the third attemptby Sony to establish themselves in the world of the Smartwatch. Everything has changed compared to previous models: new hardware,new look and a new operating system. The display unit is no longerattached to a classic watch strap, but is hooked into a removable silicone strap. The Sony SmartWatch 3 more like a fitness Tracker looks like a classic watch with this bracelet. Who wants to have a Sony SmartWatch with watch look better, which needs access to the recently announced SmartWatch 3 in stainless steel.

Fleet Smartwatch with pale display

The display of the SmartWatch 3 is square and resolves at Android wear typical resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Compared to a LG, G watch R the display works but not so sharp and intense color. For this,the Transflective Display but ensures that the Sony SmartWatch of 3with the 420 mAh battery loosely holds the promised period of twodays. By LG and Motorola, run out of steam goes slightly before the competition.

In everyday life, the Sony SmartWatch thanks to the quad-core is similar to afloat as the G watch R processor with 1.2 GHz. But as mentioned on Jibin123, the built-in GPS chip for athletes by advantage. To jog you must no longer take with your Smartphone, because the watch tracks your jogging route even without. For the background music, the SmartWatch 3 just like the competition has even over 4 GB internal memory, music can be filled via Google.

Bottom line: There’s something missing

Sony has brought only a further Smartwatch with Android wear on the market with the SmartWatch 3 Although at first glance, but thanks to the GPS Sony the niche of sporting Smartwatch has occupied chips and the sporty looks with Android wear. But it is that the Japanese electronics giant has omitted the optical pulse monitor and effect the display in comparison to its competitors of â la LG G watch Rand Samsung gear live but very pale. For this, the battery life of richtwo days can convince but again. With a MSRP of 229 euro is one of the SmartWatch 3 to the cheaper Android wear watches. Sporting Smartwatch carrier should so access to the Sony version.