Sony Smartwatch: Wrist Watch With OLED Touch Screen Than Android Mobile Phone Remote At CES 2012 Unveiled

At CES 2012 Sony next to the Sony Xperia S Android Smartphone announced, including the Sony SmartWatch. The SmartWatch connects viaBluetooth with Android phones.

The display can be read, for example, incoming SMS but consider also notifications from the Calendar or status messages from the social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The SmartWatch by Sony is splash-proof and also with anaccelerometer and a vibration function according to

Device looks like an iPod nano

The Sony SmartWatch is at first glance similar like the iPod nano, but something completely different. You can also order the SmartWatch more than extend the already existing functions. So can overall accommodate up to 255 widgets on the Sony SmartWatch. In most cases, the widgets able with smartphones, for example, by Sony are to interact. Depending on the type of the Widget, these can interact also with non Sony Smartphones. It is however needed Android operating system 2.1 or a newer Android operating system.

Named a market launch date yet

It is interesting that the Smartphone with the Sony SmartWatch for many current tasks must no longer be removed from the bag. Many tasks can be done directly on the display of the SmartWatch. So, for example, status messages on various social networks can be removed.Status messages the phone can also be displayed or managed. An exact release date for the Sony SmartWatch was not announced yet. However, it has already named a price. This should be so in approximately 149 US dollars, 117,-euro. By the way it seems to be at the Sony SmartWatch, the Sony Ericsson LiveView remote control to act for the Smartphone the nowmodified as Sony product presents.