Sony Will Not Have Abandoned The Program Android Beta 6.0, a New Version Already Is on The Way

Sony has already confirmed the death of the range Xperia Z in favor of the new Xperia X, which are responsible for collecting the witness. However, although we are not going to see new models of the Z series, does not mean that they have forgotten completely that for years was its preferred range.

The Japanese brand still working on updates to the Z Xperia and the next will come in the form of testing version for participants in the program of public betas that mark set in motion months ago. The next beta will arrive the week coming and among the new features included is the possibility of move all apps to the MicroSD card.

Now that Android Marshmallow has officially become the Z-series (late, for wide range, but has come), we expected that Sony would complete the program of public betas, but it appears that they are still working on new updates. The next, according to published The Xperia Blog, will bring nothing less than 400 improvements.

What you hold the new version?

With the number of build 23.5. 1.203, this installment is called to Polish bugs existing in the public version and also introduces some changes. The most important would be that allows to move all applications installed MicroSD memory, a detail. Also solved a bug that made it impossible to see the identity of the interlocutor on incoming calls and calendar compatibility has been improved.

These are the only details that have transcended a version which, as mentioned, brings more than 400 improvements according to Sony. Seeing that they have not just information about the contents, we assume that It will be the traditional litany of “bug fixes & improvements” -What indeed does not say much for the current version.

The beta program started shortly after the official announcement of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and was directed to users of the Sony Xperia Xperia Z3 and Z3, Z2 Compact. If you have one of these three models and are targeted as a beta tester, don’t miss the updates section.