Sony Xperia Z1 In The Test At The 7 Mobile Phone News

The Xperia Z1 is the flagship Smartphone of manufacturer Sony currently. The mobile phone is not only a chic designed high end device, but at the same time outdoor-ready and LTE capable. We have taken 7 mobile phones news team, Xperia Z1 even more closely scrutinized. It was mainly about finding out us, whether holds 20.7 megapixel camera of smartphones, to examine what it promises according to advertising and the device on its water resistance. Also the small successor Sony Xperia Z1 compact we have by the way, in a test report for 7 mobile presented.

Presentation of the Sony Xperia Z1
First we have been dealing with the design and construction of the Smartphone. The SIM card is on the side of the unit square and is optimally protected, when the Xperia Z1 must demonstrate its water resistance. A “camera shutter”button can be found also laterally on the housing. This device of advantage is especially for underwater shots. A detailed presentation of the Sony smartphones can be found in the following video.

Water test at a Xperia Z1
We wanted to know it and test whether the device can be easily works and used actually under water.First, we have sunk the Smartphone in a jug of water for about 20 seconds and then brought it back out.The touch screen works much better if you just dries it with a cloth, but you must not do it. Further, you can use the Xperia Z1 without problems after a small water bath.
As a next step, we have sunk the Smartphone in the sink and trying to take photos. The shutter button on the side of the this does all the work. Videos and photos can be made flawless. It is also possible to capture via the touch screen moving images, but working the trigger with some delay here. Bottom line: The Sony Xperia Z1 has passed the water test with flying colors.

The Xperia Z1 camera test
To conclude, we have subjected the camera of an exact pattern. In the following video you can convince itself by the quality of pictures and videos of 20.7 megapixel camera of the Sony device.

The conclusion of 7 mobile
A great Smartphone that makes a good figure not only in everyday life, but also in extreme situations.Should the Xperia Z1 convinced you have, you can order it directly in the 7 mobile phone shop.