Speaker Audio Physics Sitara

The strengths of the audio physics Sitara (2300 euros the pair) were in the disciplines of sensitivity and openness, where she, lined with the appropriate sound samples (small lineups, moderate levels), very well cut off.

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Big sound from small dimensions, so the motto of the new Sitara audio physic. The graceful, beautiful pillar benefits from numerous findings in the construction of larger models – at much cheaper price.

So the youngest member of the Brilon Nobel manufacturer just costs 15 percent more than the Yara II superior (winner of the 2000 euro class in stereoplay 6/2008), is quite similar but visually and structurally more about one-third more expensive pace from issue 12/2007.

Thus, the Sitara is the currently most affordable level box in the audio physic program with the beautiful curved enclosures whose forms and stability when customers like testers equally well. Both geometry (round part) as also building (similar to sandwich) be a sound facilitator.

The projecting metal Struts, which emphasizes lean figures will give the necessary stability and ensure an effective decoupling of the floor are an integral part.

The Sitara sound relevant mechanical elements has no shortage. What may be also due to that the lead developer of the House as a former civil engineer is dedicated to such topics more attention, as it would others mind.

So, the Sitara wears a decoupled mechanically from the housing, particularly high-quality connection terminal. And their two barely 15 centimeters large cone drivers use the double baskets, proven by the pace, which keep away disturbing vibrations of membranes.

The purchase price is reflected in the tweeter, a comparatively good fabric dome without special finesse. Also, there is no lateral bass as if the tempo. Its tasks are the midrange divergent wired in two and a half way manner with high fixed cones which are well equipped for this purpose.

The Sitara metrological point of view nor tonally was a friend of profound bass or monstrous level. Where the measured 102 decibels per box at 1 meter distance are objectively not little and signal that you can hear quite loudly with the Sitara, even if the rest of the field knew how to reveal consistently higher reserves.

The strengths of the white shiny beauty were in the disciplines of sensitivity and openness, where she, lined with the appropriate sound samples (small lineups, moderate levels), very well cut off. The testers in particular by their spatial figure were taken. Holographically exactly, otherwise only the Cabasse, which seemed tonally however inept completed in this round. Gourmets and connoisseurs, it is clear, are lifted at the Sitara very best.


+ Elaborately designed housing; first-class cone driver; sounds wonderfully open and love of detail


– For some applications just under sized bass and level talent

Audio physic Sitara

Manufacturer Audio physic
Price €2300.00
Rating 55.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 14.7 cm
Height 98.0 cm
Depth 22.0 cm
Weight: 17.0 kg
Installation tip: free-standing or wall close listening distance 2 m, normal damped rooms up to 35 m²
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 3.5 V
Impedance minimum stp 3.9 ohm
Maximum volume upper value 102 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 102 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 55 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 38 Hz
Short conclusion Filigree stand box with finest processing with emphasis on audiophile virtues. No bass or level wonder for this fine and alive.
Sound Top-class
Naturalness 12
Fine resolution 12
Border dynamics 9
Bass quality 9
Figure 13
Sound points (70 points) 55
Measured values 8
Practice 4
Valency 8
Overall rating (max. 120 points) good – very good 75
Price / performance Very good
tested in output 5 / 09