Speaker Piega TC 30 X

The Piega TC 30 X (7400 euros the pair) seduces with refined aluminum shell and cultivated, natural sound character.

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An example of a visually as technically highly independent solution in the field of spot comes from the Swiss Nobel manufacturer Piega, whose TC 30 X in terms of drive, as well as geometry significantly differs from the two competitors.

The most obvious difference is the rectangular, flat shape of the coax entirely without funnel or horn-like sound tours. This benefits in particular the centrally seated tweeter, which always finds a more or less sound-distracting environment in the funnel-shaped coaxial systems of other manufacturers.

The favorable geometry owes the Piega using two tape systems, whose immediate signal live membrane used nature are flat, apart from a stabilizing embossing. The Swiss on their own and largely crafted build two way system, it is unique in its kind (tapes as coaxial).

Another advantage of the flat form of construction is the fact that the systems share not only a common axis (a, vertical line through the center of the chassis), but lie in the same plane, i.e., they have always the same distance from the ear of the listener.

This is completely made of highly stable and thick-walled aluminium box (28 kg per piece when only 19 centimeters in width) with comparatively small crossovers. Because there is no spatial offset, an electrical adjustment whatsoever is unnecessary.

Two conventional, 15 centimeters large cone driver of scan-speak are responsible for the bass range, from the noble Revelator series. You ventilate the lion’s share of the housing, as well as a reflex port arranged tightly below the bottom driver for Sonic reasons.

The outstanding characteristic of the Swiss was her fascinating cultivated character. No matter, whether loud or quiet, whether in relation to MIDs or treble, the balancing act between a relaxed calmness and wild attack was by far best. Initially, shortly after the turn, she seemed almost already overly soft, but in fact the Piega of all revealed the most subtleties in the spatial and dynamic presentation.

The piano sample already familiar from the KEF beaded crystal clear and free of any hardness from the Piega. The significantly more favorable KEF sounded over pointedly in direct comparison. The Tannoy were similarly sensitive like the Piega, remained but ultimately not completely opaque.

Their great moment had the TC 30 X in the classic session. The final movement of Beethoven’s most natural was fifth with her by far. Despite concert-middle level strings tinged velvety calm with natural shine.

Added to this was an impression of spatial and dynamic accuracy, especially the Tannoy could hardly follow. That the Piega in brute bass levels came slightly earlier than others out of step, you forgave you like. In sum, she was clearly the best.


+ Noble Ribbon coax, quality processing completely in aluminium. Sounds wonderfully clear and Bell-clean clean.


– Only moderately suitable size due to extreme levels.

Piega TC 30 X

Manufacturer Piega
Price €7400.00
Rating 60.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 19.0 cm
Height 111.0 cm
Depth 21.0 cm
Weight: 28.0 kg
Installation tip: free-standing, distance 2 m, normal damped rooms up to 35 m²
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 4.6 V
Impedance minimum stp 3.5 ohms
Maximum volume upper value 103 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 103 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 47 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 39 Hz
Short conclusion Graceful, to the highest level box with aluminium casing and Ribbon coax. Sounds highly cultured, precise and rich in detail. Pure enjoyment!
Sound Absolute top class
Naturalness 14
Fine resolution 14
Border dynamics 9
Bass quality 9
Figure 14
Sound points (70 points) 60
Measured values 7
Practice 5
Valency 9
Overall rating (max. 120 points) very good 81
Price / performance Very good
tested in output 6 / 09