Spotify Has Not Yet Been Launched in Brazil, But the Android App Has Just Won the Portuguese Version

In March, we published firsthand the news that Spotify opened jobs in São Paulo, indicating that the music streaming service estrearia soon in Brazil. Recently, Estado said that Spotify was launched here in late September. And the results have started to appear: the Spotify app for Android has been updated today to include the translation into Portuguese of Brazil.

Although support our language, Spotify for Android is not yet available in the Play Store Brazilian. By accessing the application page and try to install it appears the classic “This item can not be installed in the country of your device.”

The application description in the store has been translated and refers to a 48 hour test period: just enter your account Facebook to experience the premium version for two days. In the end, there is a quote to a “free account Spotify.” In the US, Spotify Free allows the user to listen to music on the desktop application and web interface with insert audio advertisements between tracks.

In addition to including support for Portuguese, Spotify for Android won translations in Thai, Turkish and Malay. Developers improved stability in Android 4.3 and decreased consumption battery. If you use some workaround to sign the Spotify Premium, the new version can be downloaded from Google Play. Otherwise, wait for the official launch in Brazil – it certainly will not be long.