Spotify Will Play Music, Videos and Podcasts for Different Moments of Your Day

The Spotify announced on Wednesday (20) a feature that will allow users to hear automatic playlists according to mood and occasion. In addition to music, the feature will support video and even podcasts. The application will also include Spotify Running, which will facilitate the discovery of music while you’re running.

Automatic playlists are available for various times and can be heard when you are waking up, showering, going to work or studying, for example. The very Spotify and service users now offer playlists for such occasions, but now they will be customized for each.

The new content types supported by Spotify will also be used in playlists. This means that when you are going to work, the application can play a news podcast. On the way home, he might show some humorous video. The first partners of Spotify include ESPN, BBC, Comedy Central, TED and NBC.

Another novelty is the Running: basically, Spotify will review the speed of your step while you’re running and perform songs at the same pace. The sounds may come from its historical reproductions and include compositions DJs made exclusively for the service. In the future, Spotify will be integrated with Nike + and RunKeeper applications.

New features of Spotify will be available from Wednesday (20) in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Sweden, the only application for iPhone. Other countries will receive the news in the coming months.