Stars and Their Stunning Engagement Rings

The jewelry of stars is often fantastically beautiful. Have you ever played with the idea, to be itself owned similar jewels? RenéSim like manufactures a jewelry piece that corresponds exactly to your liking.

Again, it is fascinating to see the stunning engagement rings of famous singers, screen sizes, or athletes. Not seldom you have to do it here with the finest of the finest: the diamonds are glamorous and gorgeous design. Since one device easily into raptures.
Are you one of the silent admirer of these treasures and wishing secretly even such piece of jewelry? At RenéSim you can request an individual ring that corresponds exactly to your liking. An overview of the ring designs of stars in our Pinterest album celebrity engagement ring.
We have singled out five styles of engagement rings for you the following, which were extremely popular with the stars in 2013.

1. The Vintage Style Engagement Rings

The Vintage Look is based on the design of jewellery pieces manufactured between 25 and 100 years ago, and the stars is currently high in the course. A beautiful example is the engagement ring of the actress and singer Scarlett Johansson, she was given in August by her friend, the journalist Romain Dauriac.
A geometrical ornament makes the ring Crown, three large diamonds are highlight in the style of the Art Déco of the 1920s. Smaller diamonds are additional sparkling accents. See the unique ring of Scarlett Johansson on Pinterest .
The engagement ring from Vincent Kartheiser for actress Alexis Bledel is very individual and influenced also by the Vintage Look . A diamond cut to the shape of an octagon is located here in a simple version of Platinum: Alexis Bledels engagement ring on Pinterest.

2. Solitaire Rings Sensational

When it comes to the selection of diamonds for engagement rings, the stars with fondness opt for high carat numbers and excellent optical properties. No wonder that the gorgeous sparkling jewelry attract all attention.
The engagement ring was Hayden Panettiere by Wladimir Klitschko has an impressive brilliance. It is crowned by a 6-karätigen Emerald cut diamonds. The narrow two-piece, diamond-studded ring rail is a playful detail.
Here you can take a look at the impressive piece of jewelry: Hayden Panettieres engagement ring.

3. Glamorous Engagement Rings in the Halo Theme

The Halo Designradiates elegance and perfectly formed: a central stone is surrounded by a ring of smaller gems and so specifically highlighted.
The ring Halo Designthat gave actress Naya Rivera to the engagement is fantastically beautiful. In the center of attention is a great Princess diamond that worry is surrounded by small diamonds, and adorns the filigree ring rail also goldschmied: Naya Rivera’s engagement ring.
The engagement ring by Kaley Cuoco comes in very similar design: here the Central the Cushion Cut diamond is ground.

4. Pieces of Jewellery with Tradition: Engagement Rings with Blue Sapphires

Long time Blue sapphires were a popular choice for engagement rings, because their color with fidelity is associated. The most famous representatives of this tradition is the ring of Kate Middleton, which was formerly owned by Princess Diana. Broadway star Matthew Morrison donated his girlfriend Renee Puente last year one sapphire ring, who in his design the famous copy of Kate Middleton looks like: a large deep blue Sapphire is framed by a wreath made of diamonds.

5. Especially Exclusive: Engagement Rings with Colored Diamonds

The incredibly rare and precious color diamonds are welcome at the stars. So, the hauntingly beautiful engagement ring is crowned by singer Kelly Clarkson by a large canary-yellow diamond, which is surrounded by smaller diamonds.
The higher the intensity of the color and the luminance of colored diamonds, value be higher.

Your Individual Engagement Ring By RenÉSim

RenéSim’s experts will be happy to assist you with the realization of the engagement ring of your dreams. Before the final production by excellent goldsmiths and Gemsetter, every detail of the design will be discussed with the customer. This ensures that the result really suits your needs.
Contact our friendly and competent service team if you are interested in a custom-made ring: (or Tel: +49 89 1222 893 0).
So as once René Sim Lacaze, the namesake of RenéSim, individual pieces of jewellery for celebrities like Marlene Dietrich or the Duchess of Windsor was created, so RenéSim sits it down today to the task to make the individual jewelry dreams come true on its customers.