Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter Paris Fashion Week

Stella McCartney It seems to go to evolve with age and that is reflected directly in the design. It has certain cycles that feminine and romantic reigns as it was the collection of Spring-summer 2010. But then give jumps from the gardens to the city, from the mini-dresses with Ruffles to the perfectly straight, pants-fitting two-piece costumes.

The collection of Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 He is not inspired by his travels through the English countryside or in Camden or Covent Garden girls. Rather it is taken from the powerful women of the City of Lodnres or Wall Street in New York. Women in business, Office workers, bureaucrats and all sophisticated femina which use the two-piece suit as his work uniform. In a few years insurance term between this turnout. Using large firms, in sober and well cut designs.

And so are all the pieces of his collection presented in the Paris fashion week: sophisticated, sober and clean. But don’t think that this is synonymous with boring or common. Com otodo which makes Stella, these designs empower a woman, show its beauty and sensuality with a good fabric, a good deployment clasp, a good angled cutting. It has everything to be trend and reminds me somewhat of Hugo Boss woman, sober but trendy.

Long type boyfriend, short coats jackets for use to play with straight-cut dresses. On this occasion the McCartney chose by the straight lines, soft and full-bodied. He forgot the extravagant volumes and flywheels, returning to his more neat inspiration. That made her famous without pastelosidad.

The dresses they are still sexy conform to the body, because they are so short that they need is a long, shapely legs to not die in the attempt. Combine them with jackets or shelter game reminds me of the 50’s ’ s, but these dresses do not seem at all those years. On the other hand, are for a same fabulously safe if woman, who knows what looks good and how to use it. How to use it to look serious and look sexy at a time.

The pants they are slim-fit ankle. Combined with jackets of the same color or two-color. There are suits of two-piece with short skirts, dresses medium lingerie night, but without using lace. The secret lies in transparency.

Their colors are absolutely neutral: white, black, gray and camel. A touch of red-orange splashes a cowl neck blouse or a dress from A line. Also his flirtation with yellow or orange appear dresses cut saigones with straight neck, square sleeves and a tail in the back, part there in two rare pieces. Reminds me of both the Chanel of Charlotte Casiraghi.

Shoes were those who caught my eye. At this time we see the return of the stiletto heel with angular cut that lengthens the foot and key, giving the illusion that is a thin and long leg which binds this walk.

A collection that is super wearable and difference of the of Chanel which I predict we will see in spare parts, it has total seal -look of McCartney.