Step By Step Nail Designs

1 – Nails Decorated with Animated Eyes

2 – Easy Nails: Heart Beats

3 – Easy Nails: Francesinha with Polka Dots

4 – Easy Nails: Nails with Ribbons

5 – Easy Nails: Nails with Stripes

Who said that decorate nails was hard work? For those who do not practice it may even be, and watch images of beautiful nails decorated and extremely well prepared is really discouraging. But there are simpler models, more discreet, and very easy to make nails decorated for beginners. With some esmaltações, you can have perfect nails and easy to make, requiring less than five minutes of dedication to hands. Learn five types of nails decorated easy to follow.

Nail Designs for Beginners

1 – Nails: Cartoon Eyes 

Choose a base color to paint on all nails. Black is cool because it highlights the white of the eye, but can use any tone. In some nails or all of them just make two white balls in slightly oval shape and two black dots in the middle to create the eyes.

2 – Nails: Heart Beats

Easier to Nail

How about imitating an electrocardiogram and show how much you are in love? Make a continuous art. In some nails should be lines with elevations in triangles and one must have a heart. As the designs are simple, carefully, can you use the tip of enamel own brush. The strongest combination is the white background with red art, but there are other cool colors like a green background with yellow lines, among other possible combinations. If you use fabric paint to create the drawing, it is mandatory to use a red enamel layer or will fall. Make a crease on the nail makes enameling last longer too.

3 – Nails: Poas 

Tips Easy to Nail

Innovate in the common technique of French, which itself is easy. The fashion now is to create an art with polka dots, polka dot prints in trendy in the 50s paint your nail in the base color you want. Only the tips, do the dots in an imaginary line, as you would with your traditional French.

Other ways to differentiate this art is to create an inverted French, for example. Spend an enamel layer with glitter and make a crease at the end to prevent the glaze falling fast in day to day. The classic polka dots are white with black polka dots, but red with white polka dots are also essential.

4 – Nails: Ribbons 

Nails Decorated Easy

Tapes nails are sold in food stores for hair and common enameling. They are cheap, easy to use and great for those who want to decorate nails differently. They are very thin, and in the beginning can be boring to cut and not blur the nail, but with time it takes practice.

After enameling their common nail, just apply the tape in the desired format. For art stay cool, think of ribbons with contrasting colors like a black background with gold or white glitter nail with colored ribbon. Place the tape when the enamel is still drying. Cover with a base enamel layer to prevent the tape exit.

5 – Nails: Stripes 

Step by Step Nails Decorated

Stripes with nails are simple to make. If you have ease in handling the brush and make art, a simple tip is to paint your nails with a base color and then make stripes of color and contrast. The other tip is to use duct tape at various points of the nail and move the enamel. Once dry, just remove the tape and nails are painted.

Use tape already spent to make the stripes and not remove your enamel. Take the tape and paste several times in the hand to remove as much of its adhesive capacity and then paste the nail. Expect dry stripes and only then remove the adhesive. Cover with a base enamel layer.