Stereoplay Technology in Detail: Wiggle to the Walls

The manner of our three candidates get high sound pressure reserves and low watt requirements under a hat, is very different.

Canton treads the usual home speaker systems path over a moderate enlarged Cabinet and abundant membrane surface at his ERGO 695, without losing HiFi typical virtues such as linearity and dynamic from the eyes. The result is an unusually Watts lightweight for the price range and sound pressure resistant all-rounder which easily used in rooms of up to 60 square meters and loose is also occasional fetus. Important: The housing of the ERGO 695 are elaborately real wood veneered in ash, cherry or Wenge. The processing complies with the fine pieces of furniture.

Cerwin Vega (only in black available) does not equal rustic, the dimensions are not necessarily living-room-friendly. For this, their quantitative skills in terms of bass and sound pressure are lonely bit. Its huge, quite obviously perfectly matched bass drivers achieve the lowest lower limit frequency in the field and the highest sound pressure reserves.

At the same time, the need for Watts is very moderate. Each priced similar living room-HiFi-box at high levels is simply no chance against the CLS 215. Thanks to large, deep coupled mid-range Cone, tone coloration and omnidirectional similar to the far zierlicherer HiFi-boxes. The sacrificing of tonality and fine dynamics are low to non-existent.

A case for purists is the Horn solution of the company music furniture along the lines of the historic Schmack Horn. The customer determine the type of surfaces (lacquer or veneer) and also the form of edges (round or square). The unusually lush box volume (see drawing) is explained by the operation of the rear noise components go through a sophisticated labyrinth, before they become audible over the huge Horn mouth. Impedance and sound pressure curves are in principle very wavy, because the degree of amplification by the Horn is frequency-dependent. The sound is reminiscent of small, audiophile compact speaker with significantly higher sound pressure reserves and a much drier response.