Streetwear Fashion – Design These Are The Trends By 2015

As announced last week, we visited the largest streetwear fashion design trade fair in the world and brought you some great pictures and a video of the latest trends from Berlin. Over 500 brands were represented at the bread & butter 2014 in the gigantic and legendary airport hanger Tempelhof in Berlin. The latest fashion trends in the streetwear area you see here in our post.

New Fashion Trends From Berlin

Actually, one can not speak of Berlin alone, because you get over 500 exhibitors in the capital from all parts of the world. The biggest brands in the media and shops are among the brands, including Mustang, Designual, PME legend as well as the exclusive automotive partner of streetwear design fair Mazda Motor. To give you an overview of the event and the latest fashion highlights, we have compiled a series of photos in the Gallery, as well as in a video here.

The Trends And Highlights 2015

As so often must you first fight their through the jungle of marks, before you can get a first impression of the highlights to make a statement about potential trends then in the connection. And usually it is also so that you can summarize the trends in a few bullet points, even though thousands of designer pieces are exhibited, trend and fashioncycles recur after a certain time, and you don’t really know where actually using the impressions.

The General design trend is increasingly in the direction of functionality and simplification according to At the same time to a detailed, individualized, artistic and striking representative design. The third major theme which occurred to us remains the theme world in which to immerse and with which we can identify with and want to in any case. Brands are in the near future not only more attention to functionality and qualitative richness of detail with continuing simplification, but above all value on the identification with and put the deepening and development of the currently selected theme worlds.