Study Says Americans Consume 34GB Per Day

A study by researchers Roger E. Bohn and James E. Short, the University of California indicates that each American consumes about 34 GB of data daily from browsing the internet, TV, radio, games, newspapers or books in a total of 20 sources of information.

To carry out the studies the researchers converted measures usually pass away from the digital world – as newspaper pages, for example – in bytes, which soon turned megs and gigabytes.

According to the information, in 2008 the subjects of your majesty Barack Obama consumed 1.3 trillion hours of information, which on average gives about 12 hours per day for each. According to the data, although the consumption of information in hours have increased only 2.6% compared to 1980, the consumption data – videos or images, for example – has been rising on average 5.4% since.

Although half – forgotten by teachers and rascals speakers some time to now, the good old television is still responsible for 60% of the time spent on information in the US – and break the high-definition images help increase the account of the daily gigabytes.

Either way, the scholars point out that computers “have greater effects on some aspects of information and consumption, since thanks to them at least one third of the words and half of the data consumed daily are interactive.”