Stylish Dresses

The most stylized dresses are dark monocholes, without large drawings and vertical lines. Write down these styling tips.

Do you love dresses but do not know which style favors you? If you are short or plump forget the long dresses and bet on the shorts above the knee. Some heels will help you gain height and create endless legs effect. To get right with the dress take into account your body.


What are you like. The shape “hourglass” has the right curves: thin and marked waist, shoulders and hips wider marking a female figure.

Your ideal dress. Dress with neckline in peak, marking waist and some flight in the skirt.The tight and elastic dresses will sit you down like a glove. You can afford long hippie dresses tight to the chest.

Flee from … Straight dress without grace and excessive volumes.


What are you like. No curves. Wide shoulders and hips, wide waist and little chest.

Your ideal dress. Loose mini dresses, neckline dresses that highlight the chest, with belt to mark the waist and flight or ruffles in the skirt to create optical volume in hips. Dresses in two colors (top-bottom part) will sharpen your waist.

Run away from… Dresses very tight that mark your body rectilinear.


What are you like. Shoulders and narrow waist, wide hips.

Your ideal dress. Empire cut dresses that highlight the upper body, tight at the chest (strapless neckline or halter) and loose at the hip.

Flee from… Dresses puckered and tight to the hip.

Inverted bell

What are you like. Wide shoulders, narrower waist. Generous chest and thin legs.

Your ideal dress. Short dress that highlights the bottom, monocolor and discrete on the top which you can buy from andyeducation.

Run away from… Dresses very tight at the waist.