Subject to Piracy is Denounced by Authorities

In a bizarre attempt to protest the antipiratarias laws of his country, a Norwegian named Henrik Anderson reported to local authorities for making original DVD backups that bought legally.

Despite the legislation of the country allowing a citizen to make copies of your property discs for personal use, also prohibits the breaking of DRM protections, then to rip your movie collection and Anderson series was “thank you” (in quotation marks, even) to commit a crime. “I started with that because I did not want to be taxed as a criminal,” said the boy to the website TorrentFreak.

At the time the complaint was made at the end of last October, the anti-piracy body in the country warned Anderson that the decision whether he would be prosecuted and would not be given “until December 1,” which did not happen.

Despite the risky tactic, the Norwegian seemed to be too concerned about reprisals, “They did not seem very interested in continuing the case. Obviously feared what might happen if I denounce the police, “he added. And he ponders: “Either that or they did not understand my action as illegal.”