Suitcases for the Whole Family

How to organize the suitcase and what the best models

If you organize a suitcase, it’s a nightmare for you, here’s some essential tips for things not to forget.

Anyone’s dream when you make a suitcase via remzfamily is to take everything you need to be tidy and still be able to bring some souvenir from your trip. However this is not so easy, because we always have the sensation that we forget something and in the end we still have to jump up the suitcase to be able to close it.

To help you and your family, we create a list of things not to forget:

  1. Make a list of what we need for the duration of the trip. The list prevents people from taking too much of it.
  1. Include multi-function pieces so that they work during the day and night.
  1. Wear comfortable clothing, such as tennis, a warm sweater, trousers that allow you to breathe and a sweatshirt.
  1. If you can put your heaviest clothes on the airplane… Not to have a lot of weight in the trunk.
  1. Always carry the heaviest objects in the bottom of the suitcase, such as the Necessaire or the shoes.
  1. The most delicate parts and that Amarotam should be easily on top.
  1. On the eve of putting all the documents you need in a purse so you don’t forget any important document.
  1. Attention to safety rules, in relation to shampoos, perfumes, etc.
  1. And finally leave a small space for the “Recuerdos”!

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