Summer Dress Style Guide

These ideas will make renew and refresh your style in seconds. Are small changes, with tremendous results.

You have to do the test. But be ware! You can be the next victim of the paparazzi in the street style.

  1. If the sock! (ABOVE)

No matter the trend you want to carry. It can be from a divine summer dress to a boho look with shorts.

All you need is a pair of short socks and incredible color or pattern. Shoes can be a peak or a pumps open sandals.

  1. Asymmetrical

In case you have not noticed, I confirm: the nineties are back. And this time are skirts, necklines and uneven dresses that are making noise.

To give a modern twist to this silhouette, looking for matching pieces and very innovative trends such as tennis or flat sandals.

  1. The culote

This is undoubtedly part of the summer. The bell – shaped trousers reaching mid – calf is the pledge that, if you do not, you must buy.

Ideal for hot climates, is here to replace the classic dress pants. Wear it and combine it as such!


  1. Short dress as A

Change the typical summer dress one struck by this silhouette. Instead of combining it with some heels, flat sandals applies.

The mixture between something super feminine and a much more casual is the new way to wear them. The accessories have to be floral XXL.

  1. How an apron?

As you see, the newest thing in fashion are coming aprons. You can get a very exotic and innovative tie with a scarf and a pair of pins or safety pins .

You only need to accommodate a lot of imagination and bring more safely. Nobody said being called fashionista was simple.