Sundar Pichai Will Assume More Responsibilities Within Google

Sundar Pichai dealt until today in the sector within Google Chrome and Android and looks like what it does and much within the company. According to the latest news the CEO of the company, Larry Page, has decided to delegate more responsibilities on Sundar Pichai, rising as one of the most important personalities in Mountain View.

In addition to dealing with Android and Chrome, from now you will have the responsibility of Google +, Maps, Ads, Search and Google Apps. These aspects were the competence of Larry Page, who will continue to have the last word on major decisions that take the company. For its part, is still responsible for Nest, Calico and Google X.

There is no any kind of change in YouTube, since Susan Wojcicki will continue to command in this important section. These movements could be good news for the environment of Google thanks to the figure of Sundar Pichai, which could favor the Android environment, so We will probably see some changes related to the integration of services.

What to expect from now on? All products of Google whose responsibility falls on Sundar Pichai they will possibly continue the same road and a single strategy , achieving the goals proposed easier and improving all the relationships between them. Attention will be placed on your person and what we have known up today feeling that we have is that you won’t be disappointed.