Sunglasses That Seduce Us And They Fell In Love!

The accessories we wear complement our person and change our look, bringing renewed air that marks style and trend. Who has not caught someone by the glasses you saw?

In case you do not remember, we bring you back to the present time those favorite models that have become memorable.Sunglasses that by their power of seduction have happened to be immortal, that have happened to be part of our culture and tastes.

Wyfarer and Clubmaster

Tarantino jumped to success and became famous with the famous Reservoir Dogs, which he wore from Rayban in 1992 with his models Clubmaster Classic and Wayfarer , making these 6 hired criminals unforgettable. The suspense mixed with elegance in black.

Since the 90’s, the Clubmaster is one of the most important models of vintage glasses of the brand for its retro and timeless style that has attracted the attention of all kinds of styles, in all types of public and in many famous. Meanwhile, the Wayfarer RB2140 belong to an earlier and emblematic design that was fashionable among celebrities and artists like Michael Jackson.

And speaking of rebels, a year earlier women had already made a dent. The couple Thelma & Louise were architects of the first selfie in the history of cinema in the midst of a legendary escape for their misdeeds. Cornu sunglasses shaped like LA Eyeworks and a very retro inspirational scarf that would have seduced anyone who interfered with their plans.

Today Louise would already look older with those glasses, for we thought she could look fabulous with a Vogue VO2731S sunglasses , which in brown Havana shades and degraded lenses convey a classic, mysterious and romantic air.

And speaking of the classic, we must go back to the 60s to feel artistic passion, peace and love for all. Concepts that symbolizes the figure of John Lenon, and that through his glasses will be remembered by any generation to come. This season they continue in the highest, complementing clothes of  celebrities  aswell as the  Street style. The iconic round glasses return to be an indispensable complement in the wardrobe, since they can give the precise touch to your  look.

Sunglasses Ray-Ban Round Metal are totally retro and feature a metal bridge formed by a curved bar out makes it very original and attractive in any of its current models color.

Have we talked about hard guys? They went to the beast. In the late nineties fighting alien invaders of all kinds, size and color. The organization Men in Black chose the Ray Ban Predator for its modernity and brilliant features. A novelty that surprised her when she was dressed by two attractive agents of the world order.

Out of science fiction or reality (still valued), we totally agree with the choice of a Predator for such a feat, since they are glasses of strong character and very masculine. Its slightly oval rectangular shape intimates and attracts at the same time, bringing seriousness to a very comfortable model.

It may be Valentine’s Day, the best time to give someone or yourself an attractive model that seduces and enamors, but now with a 5% discount.