Sure Video, Netflix of Course, is Announced

Rio de Janeiro – Claro announced during a press conference at the fair Futurecom the future availability of a service jeitão of Netflix. The Clear Video acts as a central videos and other content, including series and music videos, in which the customer pays monthly or every item you decide to watch. The service should go live in the first quarter of next year, according to information provided by the advisory group of the press.

Although Of course the name, the new service announced today does not join the other company offers. Payment will be monthly, like Netflix, or acquired item, payment model adopted by Apple with the iTunes Store in the United States and other countries where it operates.

The course initially gave no pricing information or availability of the course Video service. Subscribers of other group products should choose to receive the collection in the integrated account.

At the our site found in a preliminary way, the Netflix of course will not discount, for example, for those who already have another service the Mexican group. Fixed or mobile customers pay the same price that customers who do not sign anything but of course have an interest in streaming service. We do not know the prices that Claro plans to charge.

Claro charges in Colombia 16,900 pesos monthly for the service. Converting, gives about 20 reais per month.

In the presentation made ​​by Claro executives realized that the site interface of course Video was in Spanish. Quick search on the internet reveals that the service is offered by the subsidiary Claro in Colombia. There uses Silverlight technology provided by Microsoft to validate and start streaming content. This is one of the technologies used for this purpose, even though the Adobe Flash is the most common to display multimedia content (while HTML 5 takes off not in this endeavor).