Surely Even You Don’t Have The New Emojis in Your Android, Fragmentation Is to Blame

The fragmentation of Android is, from a few years ago, the problem that most complain, and with good reason. No longer only by that of wanting to have the latest version of Android, with its possible aesthetic changes and new features, but to keep our phones the safest possible.

Android Nougat is more recent operating system and version, along with a set of interesting functions that are intended to improve our user experience, has been incorporated to a greater variety of emojis thanks to the support of Unicode 9. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Android users can not use them natively.

According to data from the internal base of Emojipedia, of all visitors with terminals Android, only e4% of them running some version of Nougat and, therefore, you can use the most recent emojis. This contrasts with iOS, where 84% of the visitors with Apple devices have version 10 of your operating system.

Previous data have been given in January and they correspond to the last year, so the percentage will have not increased much, if it is that it has done so. You can always pull in third-party applications, but it will not be the same, probably not as well integrated as it is in Android Nougat.

At the end, in one way or another, the fragmentation in our operating system always has a presence, and while the topic of the emojis is something many minor, not is more than another of so many tests that both Google and the manufacturers should strive on finishing that is possibly the worst flaw in Android.