Surround Speaker Set Devil System 5 THX Select 2

The all-new, seven-part system 5 THX select 2 (1600 euro) out of hell breaks for little money all frequency and SPL records. And sounds unexpectedly cultured.

What for motorists is the engine capacity, for HiFi fans the membrane surface. Not for nothing is their expansion as a key factor for the joy of performance of a chain of boxes and formative for many sound properties.

A representation of his live concerts and movies is now synonymous with a reasonable diaphragm, say, must be the product of vibrating surface and associated deflection.

Almost no one knew this better than the Berlin home cinema specialist devil, also the classic series holding in addition to its Zeitgeist-designer boxes sets alive with acoustically appropriate volumes of body and chassis.

Purists recognize the particularly interesting for their concerns products on the labels of the American THX Consortium, traditionally awarded its cinema certification at the ultra and select levels. The Replenisher select standard is the commercially interesting for European conditions (rooms rarely over 50 square meters). Its specifications were tightened electronics side already quite some time ago (select 2), and now also for transducers. A significant upgrade in the bass range is connected to pit manufacturers: the maximum level of 105 decibels, prescribed by the licensor is now up to 25 Hertz down 10 hertz lower than previously.

It reads little spectacularly, but in fact are so brutal, that they are to meet in compliance with living room-friendly dimensions with two woofers. Devil responds with his classic optimization system 5; Woofer and satellites were refurbished.

The angular shape and moderate dimensions have remained. As usual the baffles of the satellites are smarter than the most compact speaker in about as small as an A4 sheet. A depth of 16 cm facilitates a wall near housing, whose effects acoustically were taken into account by a basic tone slim vote, supported by pre-assembled on slope before sightings. The perceived space is lower than that of many stereo setups that unfold your Splendor often only at distant wall installation.

That offers up set membrane surface like otherwise only huge standing speakers, is a string of the THX specifications, which prescribes closed housing without reflex tunnel to the satellite and consistently leaves the low bass to the woofers incomparably better suitable.

The three identical speakers are equipped with two large midrange that occupy almost the entire wall of sound. Flat, inside the honeycomb membranes prevent Cone, therefore ideal working conditions for the tweeter.

All system-5 chassis, floor-facing 12-incher of the subwoofer are equipped with space – and weight-saving neodymium magnets, which simplify the construction of baskets and housing on retention force. Ports support the woofer in the very lowest deep bass through unobtrusive slits on the back.

Prioritise complex design are non-directional radiant dipoles (see photo above) for the rear channels. About shoe box large surround producers included two two-way systems shifted 180 degrees as well as an additional, wall-facing bass cone. The truly lavish amenities such as sound-producing areas secured the set in addition to exorbitant dynamic reserves a very frugal use of amplifier power. What caused that the system 5 already, not overly strong receivers of 800 European League (see comparison test in issue 1/2009) managed a hardly Credible fireworks of fierce violence of the bass and hum-free tone firmness.

Added to this was a superior intelligibility of text passages, the ESS was enormous in most complex scenes. The nearly twice as expensive sets from issue 3/2009 were in this regard scarcely better.

With its expansive and gripping way seemed the new hell set for concert footage and action films of all kinds, which was allowed to spool it out equal rows. The producers of the James Bond hit “Casino Royale” would certainly greatly enjoy if they are likely to experience how close is the racy Devil set of expensive, professional cinema solutions. Fly about at the construction sites tracking drive shortly after the beginning of the film, where wood and metal parts martial cracking and rattling. Thanks to the diffuse bright Rearspeaker, the depth was always comprehensible.

And pure stereo sound? Also the seven-part set masters tightly and broadband without the sets according to THX ultra feared sobriety. The knowledge stays that way: the system 5 THX select 2 is in the tension field of purchase price, dimensions and sound power what movie-goers called street sweeper. Called Neu blockbuster.