Swatch CEO Reveals Smart Watch to Be Released During Olympics

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular in the technology market.Although wearable devices already existed for some time, it was when Apple released its version that the industry really began to popularize.Some traditional watch companies were not as happy with the novelty, but others took advantage of the wave to also release their versions.

Swatch, the famous Swiss manufacturer, recently revealed that it is planning to launch yet another smart watch for its consumers.The information was confirmed during an interview in a newspaper published on Saturday (22/8) by the company’s CEO.

“Our product is called Touch Zero One, and that gives plenty of room for the Zero Five and Zero Nine.The Touch Zero One is not the end of this progression, “said Swiss executive Nick Hayek.

Swatch is preparing a special launch for the device; The Touch One Zero will be released next year during the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.The company’s strategy will be slightly different from large companies such as Apple and Samsung. The Swiss manufacturer wants to create several types of watches for individual purposes, rather than creating an all-in-one such as Apple Watch.

In the case of the Touch Zero One, the device can track the distance users are running and even measure the power of volleyball player plays.In addition, Swatch also confirmed that it is working on a smart watch with NFC technology, which should come out later this year.