Swedish Online Shopping Fashion

Manolo delves further into the Swedish net shopping in search of new finds and exciting brands. Today we tell about three stores that have not been here before. But you will-as usual-please add more tips in the comments.

So Swedish
First up is the store So Swedish that seems focused more on content than form. But if you can look past the purple backdrop, there are interesting things to be found. The idea of the shop is to highlight the narrower Swedish designers. For us men are so farPermanent Vacation and Kling. Sympathetic, we think, and can recommend even though the store leaves a lot to be desired according to andyeducation.com.

* * *

VIR Sthlm
“Our mission is simply to make the man more beautiful!”-a phrase like this, we can obviously not withstanding. VIR Sthlm is a Swedish design company which so far has only two watches and four pairs of cufflinks in the shop, but I think it could fall a lot Manololäsare in taste. Budget friendly pricing.

* * *

The Bad Boys
Most consisted of the three are The Bad Boys, which recently opened its doors. Brands in the store feels carefully selected for a Swedish market-and it is rather poor. Or how about Grams, Encore and Refined by Bobbie Burns? On the more exciting side we find the sneakermärket Creative Recreation at least.
What do you say, you will find something of interest in the stores above?