Swimsuit for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Your figure is in form of heart or inverted triangle. Your shoulders are wider than your hips, size is more or less marked, in short you have a rather sporty look! Also often called the physics of swimmer. But don’t panic, even in a swimsuit you can create the illusion of a perfectly balanced silhouette.

The goal: to forget the top and highlight down.

In other words, reduce the scale of the shoulders and value size.

Bet on the bikini! It is undoubtedly one that more feminine as the silhouette. Choose a model that is tied around the neck to draw attention to this part of the body and forget the shoulders.

For the bottom, prefer print, with horizontal stripes, for example, that will create the illusion of wider hips. Or even with a few frilly to attract the eye!

The two-tone Jersey, with a lighter tone at the top is also a good alternative.

Finally, the Jersey a piece you will also, beware however always wear it with a v-neck that enlarges the silhouette, and thin straps.


-The bustier that brings out the strong shoulders.

-The swimsuit one-piece type “swimmer” which increases the width of the shoulders.

-The panty low rise that marks the thin hips and brings out the shoulders.

You are still hesitating in choosing your swimsuit? Image news team from BombeBikini.com is at your disposal to guide you in your choice of swimsuit by the analysis of your morphology or by accompanying you during your shopping!