Swimwear Print Trends

The printed swimsuit is undoubtedly the trend that comes back every year, again and again, but we never get tired! Prints remain but evolve over time to adapt to the current fashion. In 2015, you will see the fruity, floral, animal and geometric print! Pool guide reveals all!

Still More Original Prints

If there is a broad trend and that goes out, is well printed swimsuit! For several decades, swimwear rays appear each year as different prints than the other.

For the summer 2015, trends for print compete originality and oomph! First of all, get ready to experience a very colorful summer. Indeed, for several years, swimsuits are more flashy and display neon colors.

Do you like Mother Nature? Choose a swimsuit with a printed landscape. Fan of animals, choose a print Zebra, leopard or outright with a Wolf’s head, cat, dog, etc. Rather work in the soul, you can opt for a piece of flowered or patterned jacquard! In short, it’s really for everyone!

In addition, it does not hesitate to mix prints and display with a bikini mismatched! For example, choose a bustier to flowery pattern that you can mix with a landscape printed bikini bottom. Guaranteed effect!

The morphological interest of the printed swimsuit

After finding the shape of swimwear that suits your figure, ask yourself the following question: what is the part of my body I want to put forward? What is rather your chest? Do you want to bring the volume? The trick is then to choose a swimsuit with a stack placed print hair where you want! This will create an optical effect that will focus the attention on the desired location.

You do not know what swimwear to choose according to your morphology? Visit our section at homeagerly.com, which is dedicated to the subject to be sure to make the right choice!