Swissvoice Avena 357

Admittedly, the Avena 357 is no longer belongs to the latest models. Nevertheless his distributor, the IVS GmbH, a while on the market wants to leave it. Look closer the device and on top of that the market environment, it is also quickly clear why. Because the DECT market is subject to a ruinous price war for years.

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For a mobile phone customers with contract pays large sums in the hundreds; a cordless phone, however, that home well and happy for a decade to perform its service, is the most customers no more than 50 euros worth.

The music plays so clearly in this price segment, and who here can come up with a proven model, will find it hard to say goodbye. Only the question whether the Avena is 357 given his age still on the current state of affairs arises.

We can affirm that immediately with regard to the features. So, about the phone book has that in this price range currently usual 100 entries. Caller list and redial memory are even more than properly sized with 30 or 15 entries.

Also of note: As with most competitors can you in the Avena 357 purchase up to five additional handsets and so your family situation according to upgrade your DECT. With the new handsets must not even typing new phonebook with sore thumb – the copy function does the load for you.

Convenient: no cryptic control codes

Also comfortable: Via menu can be call forwarding as well as functions such as call-waiting, transfers and conferences set up and control; so you must remember how cryptic the competition control codes. The same applies if you call out and again your phone number want to suppress: the Avena has the appropriate function in the menu.

New parents will also appreciate the baby monitor function. This simply put the handset in the vicinity of the child – should scream the offspring, the Avena is calling you. Even the switch-on threshold can be adjusted. Top is also the alarm clock, which you can order to make point only on weekdays.

Furthermore, up to five dates can be defined, that the Avena 357 reminded one. And if you want to use just the basic function and comfortable calls, the speakerphone keep your hands for more important free provides.

Jack for headset

Who cares here, that transmitted conversations only in half-duplex mode, which is a 2.5 mm standard stereo jack on the side as an alternative to plug a headset – here too the Avena 357 stands out positively from the competition.

Handling there is little criticism at first also. The menu is logically structured, the classic is controlled by a 4-way key and soft keys. The latter serve to confirm input; Alternatively, you can simply press on the right side of the control pad.

Top is the shape of the handset, which literally clings to the ear and is ideal also for longer phone calls. Also the – unfortunately not lit – buttons are ergonomically designed and are far enough apart to certainly meet them also with large fingers. Processing finally is sublime – all, beyond any doubt, how it is used by products from the Switzerland.

Mini figures contrast display

The unit made a faux pas is but then: thanks to the compact the monochrome display while boasting its size, but Swissvoice barely exploited their advantages. So, not only see weak contemporaries have problems to read the mini numbers and letters on the low-contrast display.

Better it looks in the field of electricity and radiation: here the Avena 357 has at least to offer the classic eco-fashion – significantly better full eco fashion is reserved for the new product range. Power consumption goes with 2.8 watts for a device with a conventional power supply though right, the competition comes out but often with more modern switched-mode power supplies with half.

Dream values, however, during the sound measurements: 92 points are a best fit for the Swissvoice. For the callee 50 euro, hardly a better device would be to find.

Data sheet

Type of connection / caller ID
Display: Max digits of phone number
Number ringtones handset / base
Paging (handset search) / key lock
Lighting display / keyboard
Speakerphone on the handset / baby phone / headset connection
Bluetooth pairing with headset / PC / mobile
Firmware update possible / Outlook sync. with PC
CAT-iq (vb) system
DECT encryption / senior-friendly / outdoor-ready
Caller list: memories / visual signalling
Memory phonebook / phone numbers per contact
Phone book: Name, first name separately / characters per name
VIP ring tone / picture CLIP
Power supply & radiation
Battery type / standard batteries
Charging station separately from base station
Total system power consumption (mix) (watt)
Radiation reduction: Fully eco-fashion / eco mode
Transmitting power of based on manually drosselbar
dynamic power of the handset
If color display: the number of colours / resolution (pixels)
SMS / text input help
Email client / RSS feeds
Data retention when power failure / remote access
Keyboard / display base
Announcement / recording length messages
Operating time standby / …mit full eco mode (hh: mm) / (hh: mm)
Operating time conversation (hh: mm)
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating (dB / dB)
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms)
Idle channel noise receive / send (dBPa(A) / dBm0(P))
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT)
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating) (dB / dB)
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms)
Activation threshold in direction (dB)
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT)


Standby time / talk 25 / 25
Basic functions 55
Comfort features 50
Phone number management 35
Power supply & radiation 20
Multimedia and messaging 10
Special functions 5
HANDLING maximum 175
Menu / keyboard 70 / 20
Display / handling 25 / 25
Workmanship / operating instructions 20 / 10
Dimensions & weight 5
Laboratory phone handset on the head received / send 40 / 30
Laboratory phone handset speakerphone received / send 15 / 15
CONNECT judgment Max 500 points
tested in issue: