Table Decoration: This Will Make Your Dinner An Eye-Catcher

The sweethearts gathered at a table, delicious food, a cheerful atmosphere and good music – sounds like a perfect dinner. This also includes the right table decoration. Opulent, simple, smart or elegant? Read here, with which tricks you make a great table and 10 points from your guests before the meal.

A stylish and elegantly decorated table always fits and is the classic. If you like, put on a tablecloth – if you have a nice table, do not necessarily need a tablecloth. The center of the table brings her to life with fresh flower arrangements. Depending on the season, you can also use pine branches, branches and seasonal fruits as decoration. Small herbal pots are a nice alternative. Tip: Do not use too many colors. Keep the decoration in natural tones and choose the dishes in matching colors.

A real hut charm: from 17.10. Online and in all stores.

Fabulous huts are quickly prepared. A red tablecloth serves as the basis – if you have a rustic wooden table, you take a runner in red tones. Plates, cutlery and napkins should match each other and the theme. In between you place their coarse pine cones, mini pine trees and stars made of wood, and lovingly decorated wind lights. The wind lights can be used as candlesticks or filled with homemade jam, biscuits and other sweets for your guests.

For the birthday, the table may look shrill and wild: in the middle of an etagere with colorful cupcakes or chocolate muffins, neon colored candles, confetti scattered on the table, colored placemats and napkins. You can also attach balloons to long ribbons at the upper end of the tier. Funny photos of the birthday child in small picture frames lend the table personal charm. Spread the small frames around the center of the table. Fine dishes and cutlery complete the birthday table decoration.

Beautiful for the Christmas-decorated table: wooden cottage in black, white, gold and nature. All items are from 17.10. Available from us.

A Christmas table is made of warm colors. A red tablecloth, for example, forms an ideal foundation. In addition you can use Christmas placemats. A dessert decorated with tannins, oranges, nuts, pine cones and moss, or an oval dish, also conjure Christmas spirit on the table. Tip: If you do not necessarily have the classic Christmas colors such as red and dark green, this year sets new colors. Black, white and gold meet on wood in Naturoptic. The harmonious mix is ​​particularly elegant. Small wooden houses with Christmas sayings, spread out on the table, give reason to entertain and are a nice souvenir for your guests.

Happy New Year! If you are planning a New Year’s Eve dinner, you do not need to save glitter and glitter. For the whole bling bling to work, simple tablecloths are optimal – for example in black or white. Depending on how expensive the menu is, should also the dishes fit. For the guests you can put on each plate a pop candy, to which you additionally attached a color-matching balloon with a long string. Of course candles also belong to it. If you like it a bit more wildly, draw colorful streamers and confetti into the center of the table.

Your Yvonne